The “conscience clause”

Seems the “conscience clause” is becoming news again.  Some health-care workers (IIRC, it began with pharmacists) don’t want to participate in health-care options they see as against their moral code.  Interestingly, though, no one is against plastic surgery, or lasik, or other elective options.

A person who chooses to enter the health-care field should not be able to pick and choose whether to deliver options normally within the scope of his duties.  If he can’t perform the functions of the job, he shouldn’t be in that job.

Don’t want to perform abortions or sterilizations? Fine. Become a chiropractor, or dentist, or ophthalmologist, not a gynecological surgeon.

Don’t want to participate, nurse? Work hospice. Work ICU. Or don’t work medicine.

If you want to be a pharmacist, be one — not a preacher.

Enough said.


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