Candidates who have lost any hope of my support …

Ken Cuccinelli.  First, he’s been bugging me for two years; he can’t take “no” for an answer (i.e. I will not guarantee him my support yet); he claimed victory in debates, and then slammed his opponents for doing the same.  Hypocrite.  Plus, he’s anti-family and anti-choice.

Dave Foster.  I’ve spoken with Foster, and told him some of the things that are important to me.  Yesterday, I got a pre-recorded phone call that said his number one priority is getting Bolling and McDonnell elected.  So he’s putting politics over the job.  No thanks.

Bill Bolling.  I got the most hateful letter today, lambasting “liberal democrats” for being pro-abortion and pro-gay.  Good for them.   His letter includes these paragraphs…

I will continue my fight to stand up for your family by defending pro-life policies, fighting for traditional marriage and stopping leftwing (sic) extremists who want to take away your Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Our opponents will continue the Obama-Kaine legacy of high-taxes (sic), big government and fiscal mismanagement and turn our entire state government over to liberal Democrats and their pro-union, pro-abortion, anti-marriage, anti-gun owner (sic), anti-business friends. …

As I’ve mentioned before, pro-choice is NOT anti-abortion.  And anti-marriage?  I suspect he meant to say “pro gay marriage”.  He apparently doesn’t want gays to vote for him.  Pro-union I can agree on, partly, but only because unions as a rule went way beyond what they should have done — they went beyond “fair” to “greedy”.

Kris Amundson.  Not that she’ll be opposed, but once again she’s playing the “House Republicans obstruct my agenda” card, this time in her blog.  Note, no link, so no indication of which Democrats also agreed.  Not even a “x Republicans and x Democrats voted …”

Someday, perhaps one of these four will realize that you don’t always win voters by placing the party above all else.  I will not vote for you BECAUSE you’re a Republican, or BECAUSE you’re a Democrat.   I might support you in spite of party affiliation, but you have to earn it.

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