Terrorism detainees could be headed to Virginia. So? Look at the whiners, though

But the wimps of Northern Virginia are crying.

Hotels and apartments are less than 200 feet from the jail.  The Post reports “Business owners in the dense area around the courthouse — newly filled with hotels, restaurants and luxury apartments — fear disruptions amid a declining economy.”

Note this:  “NEWLY FILLED”.  When were these hotels and apartments built next to a maximum security prison?  After 2001?  After the DC snipers were held there?  After Zacarias Moussaoui was held there for five years? Let’s take some pieces from the Post’s story …

“When the Alexandria jail, an eight-story red-brick building adjacent to the Capital Beltway near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, opened in 1987, the area had been a city dump.

The 10-story federal courthouse opened a few blocks away in 1996 in what had been a field of mud. The chief judge brought bag lunches to work because there were so few restaurants nearby.”

“By early 2002, about a dozen terrorist suspects were held at the jail, which by contract accepts up to 150 federal inmates, and more if it can.”

“On a single block behind the courthouse, there is a luxury 326-unit apartment complex with a Fed Ex/Kinko’s, cleaners and cafe on the first floor; an office building with room for ground floor retail; another office building; and a Marriott Residence Inn. All opened within the past 18 months.”

“I’ve never agreed with people who say ‘not in my back yard,’ but there are just too many people around here,” said Jim Boulton, president of the unit owners association at the Caryle Towers condominium complex, which has been trying to get the government to remove security barriers …”

See a pattern?  Move to within a quarter mile of a federal prison that has been known since 2002 to house terrorism suspects, then say Not In My Back Yard?

Sounds like Northern Virginia to me.  Some of these folk disgust me.

Get your politicians to cry.  Frank Wolf needs another cause.  Mayor Euille doesn’t want the headaches.  Did someone tell him that being Mayor was all handshaking and parades?

This is a federal prison.  Federal prisons sometimes house dangerous people.  If it bothers you, don’t buy a condo a block away.  Don’t build a new hotel a block away.  Don’t stay at a hotel a block away.  MOVE away.  But DO NOT expect the government to take your druthers into consideration; it’s simply not their job to make you happy.

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