I don’t understand these statistics

Now, how is it that 60+ of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing, if nearly 60% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction?  Can someone explain the overlap to me?   Are they pleased he’s leading the country wrong?  And never mind the fact that only 34% approve of Congress’s performance — and even that’s higher than it has been, if I recall correctly.

Real Clear Politics reports:

President Obama Job Approval

RCP Average: +30.3% Details
Approve 60.8%
Disapprove 30.5%

Congressional Job Approval

RCP Average: -25.5% Details
Approve 33.8%
Disapprove 59.3%

Direction of Country

RCP Average: -24.1% Details
Right Direction 34.7%
Wrong Track 58.8%
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