Obama did something right for individual liberty!

Pardon me for being surprised.  It’s no secret I dislike almost every decision Obama has made, and I think his policies are taking us in the wrong direction.  I don’t trust him or his administration.

But yesterday he did something right.  Maybe not for the right reasons – after all, I’m not (thankfully) inside his head and I don’t know his reasons.  But he signed the proclamation for National Prayer Day, as has every president since 1952, and then he didn’t  make a big issue of the day.  This shows respects for all religions by not singling out any one.

I cannot believe how vituperative are the comments and attitudes of some.  Now, I haven’t seen all the comments, but the ones I have are from one who calls him/herself  “conservative republican”, another who claims to be a “concerned woman for America”, and a bunch of fundamentalist Christians.  Notice no one else is all that worried?

One writer claims Obama “took a turd” on Prayer Day because he didn’t make it a media celebration.  Another individual commented on boston.com “what god is he praying to that he has to do it behind closed doors?” — like it matters.

But this comment just left me speechless: “For those of us who have our doubts about Obama’s faith, no, we did not expect him to have the service,” said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America. “But as president, he should put his own lack of faith aside and live up to the office.”  So what, exactly, is she saying?  She wants him to pretend faith because he’s president?  That the office of President requires sham (Christian, presumably) faith?  Let me translate — “I believe fundamentalist Christianity is the only thing there is, and I insist everyone else believe it as well, and if you want to be President, it’s better to stand up and proclaim yourself because our all-knowing God can’t hear you if you don’t.”  Never mind that an all-knowing god would understand the term “sham”.  Never mind that the Christian’s bible tells them to pray in private.  Never mind that the other gods are probably rightly pissed right about now that all these monotheistic religions are popular.  Never mind that a god who could create all these people, with their own beliefs, is pretty content to allow them their own beliefs, and to let them choose.

I deeply admire people of faith.  To make a statement of faith, and to follow it, says a lot about honor, integrity, discipline, and steadfastness.  And frankly, I don’t care what your faith — even if it’s one others would not call “religion”.  What I consider morally abhorrent is the notion, and statements and actions that accompany that notion, that others must abide by one’s faith.

Live by your faith.  Die by your faith.  Allow others to do the same — without your “guidance”.

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