Mrs. Brady? Mrs. Brady? Hello ……

Mrs. Brady?  Any comment?

Violence Policy Center?  Are you listening?

The gun votes were less surprising to many Democrats than were the Guantanamo developments. The NRA remains among the most powerful lobbies, and many lawmakers take care to stay off its political enemies list.

“People do not want to be on the wrong side of this particular cultural divide,” said Rep. David Price, D-N.C., who supports tougher gun controls. “It’s too bad there’s not a more responsible national organization” to counteract the NRA, he said.

There are no “responsible national organizations” that counteract the NRA.

Wanna know why?   Because the NRA, despite its shortcomings, speaks basically in favor of allowing law-abiding citizens to have their rights.

The same type of rights that journalists are permitted in writing as they please, because it’s guaranteed by the US Constitution.  Lesser rights, even, because “journalists” don’t have to go through background checks to buy pens, computers, or internet access.  Lesser, even, because “journalists” don’t have laws that make their statements crimes.  At most, they can open themselves to libel charges — civil libel charges.

Seldom, if ever, will you find an anti-gun organization that does not have to resort to miscalculation, twisted logic, or downright lies to make their points.  That’s what makes them irresponsible.

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