Hypocrisy, thy name is Elizabeth Turnbull

I really dislike hypocrites.  Not sure whether arrogance or hypocrisy is lower on my list of abominable characteristics, but they’re way down there.

This student at Yale, Elizabeth Turnbull, didn’t want to pay $14K to live in New Haven for two years.  OK, I can understand that.

So, instead, she cadged building materials.  She allows others to provide her bathroom facilities (water, light, shower, toilet, etc.).   And then she brags that she’s saving the environment.

Bullshit.  She’s pushing her footprint onto someone else.  Those materials would have been used.  Someone pays for the water, light, sewage, etc. she uses.

Her $14K house with no bathroom probably doesn’t meet building codes, but once you get publicity, that doesn’t matter, I guess.   She can’t rent it out when she’s done, assuming anyone would rent it, since it’s on someone else’s property and without a bathroom doesn’t meet codes.   Rather than share with like-minded students, she built another facility.  Guess that’s okay too, ’cause solar powers it.

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