A compromise

It seems the DC voting-rights bill is dead.  Apparently, Congress didn’t care enough to pass the bill with the gun-rights amendment attached.

Apparently, the citizens of DC, through the people they elect (I can’t believe their rep keeps her seat), only want one civil right, not two.  Two is probably too much for them to handle at one time.

But some of us don’t live in DC, and we like ALL our rights.  So here’s my compromise.  DC gets its voting rights, and in the deal, they offer reciprocity to all other states that offer concealed handgun permits.  Their own residents can’t carry, but those of us with permits can.  Seems like it satisfies everyone.

They vote.

We vote and carry.

I’d even almost be willing to limit it to concealed carry, to start.  It’s not a good compromise, but you wouldn’t want Chief Lanier’s officers to have to stop everyone carrying openly to ascertain whether they’re non-residents or not.  They have too much else to do — like limiting who can travel on which streets, and playing personal bodyguard to the bigwigs.

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