Just random peeves

Just random peeves.  Nothing earth-shattering; nothing exciting.  Just peeves.

I watch a lot of History Channel, Science Channel, History International, and Discovery.  The grammar used in their documentaries lately leaves a lot to be desired.  Dangling modifiers abound.  Subject-verb agreement is apparently no longer required in formal writing.

But most annoying is “this area was once covered by an ancient sea.”  — Not hardly.  Perhaps it was once covered by sea.  Perhaps a sea appeared there in ancient times.  I bet I’ve heard that particular statement in three or four different geology and archaeology shows in the past few months.


People who drive 70 miles an hour up to the exit ramp, then cut in front of those who’ve been patiently waiting in the exit lane.  Worse is when they don’t signal, and they know you won’t let them in, and they just creep over in an effort to take off your side mirror or make you play chicken.


People who are so “considerate” when they drive that they allow extra space in front of them for people who might change lanes.  So it’s not bad in fairly light traffic, or at high speed.  In slow rush hour traffic, it’s an engraved invitation for people to run up the wrong lane and pull in.  Or to do other stupid stuff.

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