I guess he doesn’t know the word “hypocrite”

Ken Cuccinelli.

You know, the guy who’s been running for AG in Virginia for longer than Terry McAuliffe has wanted to run for Pope.

Yeah. That guy.

Who started a “don’t tread on me campaign” … forgetting that “don’t tread on me” means leave me the hell alone. From the same man who thinks “choose life” is the only choice, forgetting to take in to account that he has no say in someone else’s moral choices, that he would deny women choice of a perfectly legal medical procedure (good stance for an AG, eh?), and that “Don’t tread on me” means mind your own flipping business.

The same man who led the fight to deny two perfectly rational adults the right to marry.  Who still insists they have no right to marry – because they don’t fit into his idea of what love and marriage might mean.  Who forgot that “Don’t tread on me” means mind your own flipping business.

Ken … don’t tread on me.  Get out.

Well, at least he did what few others have been able to do — seriously consider making me actively support a Democrat.  Attorney General is a position where legal skills and clarity of thought should be significantly more important than ideological extremism, and so far he has campaigned on his priorities to target lawbreakers, while  Cuccinelli has gone negative and stressed ideology.  I’ll be watching Shannon closely, but so far he seems the more honorable man.

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  1. “Coochie” is right dont tread on him, he is busy fathering his own country!

  2. Should the prenatal have a right not to be treaded on?

    • “Prenatal” is an adjective. There is no such thing as “the prenatal”.

  3. It all comes down to taking away parental rights and leaving the decdisions up to “coochie” and his followers! oh yeah “DONT TREAD ON ME” but first lets lock up the parents of 7 kids whose teenage daughter became pregnant because of the “parents negligence” again ‘COOCH’ DONT TREAD ON ME.

  4. Should “parental rights” have limits?

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