Cox Customer Service

No, this is not a post of praise.  Cox is one of those customers like the “cable company” in the satellite TV commercials — relying on “we’re not as bad as the other guys.”

I’m not so sure.

Somehow, yesterday Cox Communications managed to lose approximately 1800 e-mails I had stored on the system.  Everything before 4:55 am yesterday is showing a sender of “unavailable”, a subject “unavailable”, a date/time group of 12/31/2069, and a file size of 0.0 Mb.

After deleting about 400 (thinking I had been hit by a spam bot), I realize that ALL my previous emails were showing up this way, and realized that I had permanently deleted the most recent.  So I’d wait until today, and if it didn’t clear up, I’d call.

What a joke.

Jeremy is probably a very nice technician, but his response was “we have an outage in the Fairfax region”.   OK, perhaps he did’t understand.  My problem is not NOW, my problem  is the 1800 emails I’ve lost (some were there for reference; some to populate newsletters, etc.; some included fun, poignant, or astute photos or cartoons; yes, some were just junk I hadn’t gotten around to deleting).  Jeremy apologized for the inconvenience.

After he apologized again and told me I would likely not get them back because of the (current, mind you) outage in Fairfax, I politely explained to Jeremy this is more than “an inconvenience”.  Then he said he’s not an e-mail tech support, but rather a high-speed internet tech support.   Oh.  I have the wrong department.  Who can answer help me?

No one, Jeremy explains.

This is customer service.

Their only saving grace is that I’m not willing to take off three weeks of work, one day at a time, to wait for FiOS installers who don’t show up.  And my home doesn’t receive satellite signals.

Tomorrow I’ll be calling the business office.  I expect no adequate resolution, but I’m the eternal optimist.

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  1. Same thing happened to me today. Had me disconnect just about every wire, cable, modem, router in my house just to have them access my account via their system to find out it wasn’t my fault. Lets hope we get our e-mails back.

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