From the Washington Post

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Aging Red Line to Get $177 Million Overhaul

Metro Rehab to Begin Early Next Year

Let’s go back a few years.  Metro found funds were being embezzled.  What did they do to solve the problem?  They instituted new systems whereby riders paid more:  eliminated parking attendants, forced riders to pay $5 for a $0.10 piece of plastic fare card, and raised rates.

So what do you expect will happen here?

Combine it with the news story today that Metro is bracing for a flood of lawsuits (because even if you weren’t injured, your poor, poor brain has to fight the memory of a crash, and besides, the taxpayers will pay your settlement).  We’re going to see hundreds of suits, probably some even from people who weren’t there and didn’t know anyone there, with various levels of merit, and we’re going to pay for all of them.

Anyone think s/he will be able to afford to ride Metro in a couple of years???

Not that it will matter.  Once the administrations of DC, VA, MD and the federal government get involved, it’ll be mandatory.  Just drop off your paycheck on the way.


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