It is physically possible for a politician to keep his word?

I really have to wonder what it is about elections that make people unable to keep their word.  It’s bad enough when a candidate promises something, then realizes after taking office that it’s impossible, or a bad idea for other reasons.  (Though I sure would like to see one admit it.)

My state delegate wrote a blog post today that basically said “I agreed to this, but something good came along.”  (Can you say “Ooooooohhhh, SHINY!”)

No argument that Mr. Whitfield may be deserving of relief.  He may even be deserving of $445K; I didn’t research the figure or its composition.   But the legislators agreed to one topic, and one topic only.  Do they not know what “agreed” means?  Did they go to the Bill Clinton school of English?  If the relief were that important, they should have passed in during regular session.

Other people have been harmed by government actions.  Other people have been fighting for years for equity.  Who’s to say something else shiny will not come along between now and the 19th?  There are plenty of good causes, and the legislature reconvenes in January.   Are our legislators afraid a new governor won’t play?

Why can’t they go to Richmond for their special session … deliberate legislation of some kind so they can say they did something, even if they don’t know what  (there’s nothing on the General Assembly Legislative Information System web site yet) … but restrict it to one subject and try not to do too much damage?

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