Stay away from Virginia too, Mr. Frommer

So one who would set himself up as arbiter of  what you “should” like, Arthur Frommer, won’t go to Arizona any more because they respect the 2nd Amendment.

Guess he’d better stay away from the other states that also respect the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  Maybe he should restrict his vacations to Canada, England, Australia (I was unable quickly to find unbiased links for Australia; this was as close as I could get), and Japan.

Here in Virginia, we are perfectly able to carry our firearms openly.  Our government understands (though we constantly have to remind some) that most citizens are law-abiding, and that most understand a bullet can travel at 800+ feet per second, but police seldom more than 73.35 feet per second*    If we want to hide the fact we’re able to take care of ourselves, we can apply for a permit to conceal.  Many other states allow some form of carry; if you count the states that require the government to “certify”  you (guilty until proven innocent), that statement becomes “most” states.

Of course, Mr. Frommer lives in Brooklyn, so he happily gives up his rights to live in that very safe location.


*50 mph, which they can’t do in residential neighborhoods.  And they have to travel much further than the bad guy who’s standing 20 or fewer feet from me.

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