“Change” means “We’re no worse than the last guy”, I guess.

Granted, it’s the headline writer who writes “ Obama Team Says Its Politicking Falls Short of Bush’s” but surely this administration understands there’s nothing “changed” about partisan politics.

Surely this administration knows that blatant interference, particularly as in Massachusetts, where the legislature is already playing politics to the detriment of codified law, is seen as blatant partisanship.

Surely this administration understands that asking a sitting governor not to run for reelection is blatant party politics.

An administration that insists its focus “is the big challenges facing the country at home and abroad” must understand that issues, not party politics, must be the critical factor.

This administration is losing more credibility every day with me.  At least Bush did what he said he’d do.

So I guess “change” means “well, we’re no worse than the last guy.”

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