Transportation should not be a key issue in the VA gubernatorial race

Transportation should not be a key issue in the VA gubernatorial race.

Many news outlets, bloggers, and political campaigns treat “transportation” or “roads” as the number one issue in Northern Virginia.

I don’t believe that’s true, for the majority of citizens.

While transportation, gridlock, traffic, and roads are very high on the list of detractors to quality of life in Northern Virginia, I don’t think most of us believe government will solve it.

Deeds said he’ll “sign a bipartisan bill“.  Of course, he hasn’t seen one and can’t know what one would look like.  He doesn’t even know IF he could get it,  so how can he promise to sign it?

McDonnell will turn interstates into toll roads.  IF he gets federal approval.  What do you suppose that would take?  Frankly, I like his idea of privatizing the liquor stores (get the nanny state out of it).  He can use the sales prices to replace the funding they currently provide, and the tax stream to do whatever it is government does with our money.

In short, I don’t know of anyone who believes in any “transportation plan” so far proposed.  No one wants the construction, or the eminent domain, of new roads.  No one wants to prioritize new roads, as they’ll be subject to special interests.  No one wants public transportation forced down their throats, nor the inconvenience of Metro to the vast majority of residents.  And no one outside of Northern Virginia media outlets seems to care.

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