What they did right

After the last post, I figure it only right to talk about the things my senator and delegate did right.

Senator:  can’t find one.

Delegate:  Two good things, actually.  First, he is pushing to allow courtrooms in Virginia to record proceedings electronically.  This is, in my humble opinion, a no-brainer.  Many courts don’t automatically have court recorders; if a petitioner imagines there might ever be a need for appeal or redress, s/he must provide a court reporter at his/her own expense.  Digital recordings are simple, cheap, and ubiquitous; there’s no reason for failing to do this.

Second, he’s attempting to raise the threshold for felonious property crimes in Virginia from $200 to $500.  Right now, a shoplifting charge for a pair of jeans and an iPod or something could easily be a felony.  (Frankly, I’d push for $1000, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.)  And I’m certainly not defending those who break laws.  But FELONY for a $225 pair of boots?

So when he’s off his elitist, government-will-solve-it-for-you bandwagon, he can come up with some good proposals.

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