A disappointing side of Chap Peterson

In his blog on post-primary thoughts, State Senator Chap Peterson, D-Fairfax, shows a side of his character that should be distressing to voters concerned with rampant partisanship.

While referring to other primary winners, Democrats, by their district, Chap refers to Dick Black as “R-Anywhere”.   I’m once again disappointed, but find myself wondering when I’ll get out of my castle in the clouds and start expecting this of Northern Virginia politicians.  Of most politicians, actually.  I keep finding people who are generally good people, if mistaken in their points of view, who then show blatant disrespect for others with differing views.

And none of the five internet identities I’ve tried will allow me to post comments on Peterson’s blog any more.  Makes me wonder about the possibility of being blocked.  Is that paranoid?

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