The DC earthquake

I figure I’ll join everyone else in blogging about the earthquake that struck Virginia (NOT DC) yesterday. Yes, it was felt in DC.  Yes, the epicenter was several miles away, in rural Virginia.  DC media presents the city, though, as the center of the universe, and other media has over the years followed suit.

I keep looking at news photos of DC workers swarming out of office buildings, hands over their mouths in horror.  Is this who we are?  A people terrified by everything?  No wonder so many fear for our nation.

When buildings were evacuated, the quake had already passed.  Thinking people could have reported visible structural damage except, oh, wait, they were OUTSIDE being told they were in danger!  The five o’clock news (reminder:  quake occurred approximately 1:50 eastern time) covered what to do in the event of an earthquake.  Local news sources haven’t reported results of yesterday’s primary elections, reporting instead pictures of terrified sheep in parking lots.

Was there damage?  Yes.  Some is amusing – the PVC lawn chair knocked over.  Some is less amusing; a friend lost her house when the chimney fell into the kitchen and the foundation shifted about 2″.  Some statues were broken; some cars were smashed.  But hell, we see that much damage in a thunderstorm.  We all will be helping those affected, I hope, and telling the rest of them to get over it, put on their big-boy pants, and move on.


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