“Lies, damn lies, and statistics” Illustrated

The Brady Bunch is touting this article (note – NY Times.  NY City.  Bloomberg.)  Never mind the fact that the article really is about bureaucracy-related issues, using guns as an example (because guns are what they fight) — only the numbers cited.

10 of 2400 felonies in NC were murders; 8 of them used a gun. 8/2400 = 0.003333. HUGE percentage, eh?

200 permit holders were convicted of gun- “or weapon-” related felonies.  Note the addition of all other classes of weapons.  Remember that US courts have upheld that a cup of soda and ice can be a weapon.

900 permit holders were convicted of drunk driving. Of how many drunk-driving convictions total?  Were any of those permit holders actually carrying while intoxicated (BTW, it’s illegal in NC to carry while you have any alcohol in your system)?


*Note the NYTimes has to travel to another state to do investigative reporting that matches the point of view they wish to present.

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