An open letter, and a promise, to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

Governor McDonnell, you have the power to stop this atrocity.   The government of Virginia is poised to retrogress to a patronizing, sanctimonious mass of social laws designed to step on women.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject in whatever form the “personhood” bill and the “ultrasound” bill reach you.  Reject them outright.

I am so repulsed by the ideas espoused in these bills that I will make a promise.

I will promise, should these bills pass with or without your signature, that I will not cast a vote for a Republican in Virginia until they are repealed.  Nor will I cast a vote in a national election for any ticket with which your name or your endorsement is affiliated.

I will do what I can to get other women and others who value individual freedom to join me.

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  1. Very good. If men want to prevent abortions, I propose we mandate that all male babies be sterilized at birth, using a procedure which can be reversed when he is age 21 provided that he is married and has his wife’s written (with photo ID) consent.

  2. AMCIT Note: An author using the screen name Human_Rights and a .edu e-mail address posted a youtube video of a fetus in this slot. I welcome dialog; I do not welcome links without comment. Initially I deleted the comment; on reflection, I decided to invite the dialog but not the video.

  3. I’m probably misunderstanding something. I wonder who the “this author” is. From the context (just under my comment) a person might think it was me. I don’t see any other comments, so I just want to clarify that I have not (would not) post a video (especially an unwelcome one) on anyone’s blog.

  4. Helenofmarlowe – I’ll re-word my comment. Thanks for the heads-up; I hadn’t read it that way.

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