Customer NO Care at Sirius XM

This is bullshit.

Annie: Hi, my name is Annie, Thank you for contacting SiriusXM.  How may I help you?
AMCIT: I want to move my husband’s free trial (which expires 4 August) on account xxxxxxxx to my account number xxxxxxxxx
AMCIT: His ESN is xxxxxx
Annie: I will be happy to assist you with your request.
AMCIT:: Good, ’cause the guy on the phone couldn’t.
Annie: Please give me a moment while I process your request.

Annie: I see that you have the trial subscription will end on August 04, 2012 on the radio id   xxxxxxxx

AMCIT:: Are you a human?
Annie: Once the trial is ends you can combine the radio.
Annie: Yes, AMCIT:.
AMCIT: This is BS.  I want to combine them NOW.
Annie: Yes, you can combine them.
AMCIT:: Now.  Today.
Annie: Please be informed that you cannot move your trial subscription Radio to any other account as there is an chance to loose your trial subscription.   You can certainly transfer your trial subscription Radio only  after  trial subscription completes.  
AMCIT:: I’m willing to take the chance.  This is ridiculous.  Do you want my money or don’t you.
AMCIT:: Please get me a human.
Annie: I can help you with the listener care number so that you can directly talk with the human.
Annie: In order to process your request please call Listener Care at  888-635-5142

AMCIT:: They were no help either.
Annie: I will help you with the alternate no.
AMCIT:: It seems to be “Listener We Don’t Care”
Annie: In order to process your request please call Listener Care at  866.635.2349
Annie: It was my pleasure assisting you today. Is there anything else that I may assist you with?
AMCIT:: What do you mean “anything else”?  You haven’t helped me.
Annie: It was nice chatting with you today.  Thank you for contacting us at Sirius XM.  Have a great day.

Take Care!   Bye!!!
Annie has disconnected.

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