To *help* you …

From a news release sent by the Virginia Governor’s Office on 31 October:

“The goal of the NGA [National Governors Association] Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction Policy Academy is to reduce prescription drug abuse by helping states develop and implement comprehensive and coordinated strategies to take advantage of all available tools and resources. This work will include planning for full deployment of Prescription Monitoring Programs, e-tools to ensure safe online pharmacies, development and implementation of educational resources, energizing community organizations, and encouraging the use of safe disposal of prescriptions and take back programs. “

Here’s how it affects me…

I have a prescription for a controlled substance.

BY LAW, the doctor cannot prescribe more than 90 days’ supply (like the doctor isn’t the one to be monitoring this, instead of the government).

IF I go to the doctor a few days in advance for a new prescription, and take that new paper prescription to the pharmacy to be filled (you know, planning ahead, like when there’s a hurricane coming), the pharmacy tells me it can’t fill it, since the last refill was less than 90 days ago. Never mind that this is a NEW, PAPER prescription (since it’s a controlled substance, the doctor won’t phone it in).

As it is, one Safeway pharmacy along the Rte 1 corridor can’t even communicate with the next Safeway up the road, but GOVERNMENT is going to watch out for me.


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