“They Deserve A Vote”

Emily Miller, senior opinion editor of the Washington Times, writes:

The top legislative priority for gun owners in the previous Congress was passage of a national concealed carry reciprocity bill. The measure sailed through the House on a bipartisan 272 to 154 vote only to die at the hands of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who refused to bring it to the floor. Since President Obama won’t waste an opportunity to exploit the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the measure is being brought back to life. 

How can Reid justify thumbing his nose at the President — the leader of Reid’s party?  Did not the President exhort in his State of the Union address, that the victims “deserve a vote”?  Why is Reid afraid of that vote?

I am not a fan of a national concealed-carry reciprocity bill, at least not without some sense that Congress won’t set the bar so high that it would be akin to qualifying for the Olympics in shooting, or scoring a perfect score on the Camp Peary tactical course, to “earn” a permit.  I DO NOT TRUST the federal government with this process.  Frankly, I’d rather some states (or DC) disarm its citizens than allow Congress to determine standards.  At least states/localities can be replaced by their own citizens.  But not to permit the vote is directly contradictory to the President’s wishes.

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