OUR Government?

Is it really “our” government?  If so, why is it “closed”?

We’ve paid them.  We’ve dutifully paid taxes we allowed them to impose.  A LOT of taxes.  Yet we’re letting them take the money, not appropriate it, and then close OUR facilities.  OUR monuments.  OUR courts.  OUR national parks.  Including those that get NOT A DIME of federal funding.  Including monuments with NO doors to lock, no restrooms to clean, and no trash cans to empty; outdoor monuments on OUR National Mall, in OUR national capitol.   Federal Park Police are “essential” to impose the restrictions, in the name of “protecting federal lands, buildings, waterways, equipment and other property owned by the United States.”   Um, that’s by US.

The Washington Post lists “public schools” under the heading of “Federal services” that are open.  Where are the federal public schools?  Yes, I understand that public schools receive some federal funding (without going in to the why of that).

Federal web sites?  Closed.  Because, you know, it takes SO MUCH human intervention to maintain them operable.  Okay, I get that those with changing content may not be updated.  But closed???  Inoperable???  

And, of course, the first lady can’t pour forth her supportive messages without federal funding.

So, this is information you can get anywhere.

What are you doing about it?   Yesterday, I got a lot of busy signal at the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121.  Today’s Washington Post indicates the monuments and memorials are only half-heartedly closed.  It may be necessary to gather some volunteers to empty trash by the weekend, and that seems like a worthwhile cause.  (No matter how much I expect better of my fellow Americans, I know they do not clean up after themselves.)

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