The things you think about, sometimes …

I was thinking yesterday “why does the crape myrtle keep its leaves until frost, then dump them all at once?” – which is really just the lead-in to this set of ponderings.

When we say “why?”, we look for one of two answers: “,,,because …” or ” … so that …” Those two answers represent an interesting look at the world.

“… because …” implies a look backward. It says a thing does something because, or in response to, a stimulus or an action by another thing.

“… so that …” looks forward. Something or someone does something that causes other people or things to react.

I wonder if this will color how I look at the TV programs I truly enjoy — those on botany, biology, archaeology, anthropology, etc. Will I start to wonder whether a population evolved “because” something else happened, or “so that” something could happen? Will the terminology I hear color the credence I give to the “experts” on these shows?

Nothing in my queries is earth-shattering.  I don’t even know for certain that the concept hasn’t been explored; I just haven’t thought of things in this way.  I don’t even know for certain that it will color how I look at things a week, a month, or a year from now.

I was just pondering.

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