More things that aren’t in the driver’s manual

Think back to driver education classes.  They may have been a long time ago; they may have been more recent.

What did your instructor(s) teach you about turns?  Did it go something like this:

  • Choose the proper lane
  • Signal first, then brake
  • Stay in your lane
  • Reach turning speed, and accelerate through the turn
  • If you miss a turn, some safe places to turn around are parking lots, side streets, and the like.

If you’ve learned to drive in a newer car, you might have learned to look at the navigation system to see where the next turn is, and how to get back to your original route.

I’m reasonably certain that even in Prince William County, Virginia, no one was taught to make a left turn from the left-most of marked no-turn lanes, when cars in both the dedicated left turn lanes were moving.
I’m pretty sure they didn’t say stop in the middle of your turn to yield the right-of-way to obliviot in who chose to turn from the straight-through lane.   I’m also pretty sure they didn’t say let two obliviots through. Recall the part where I said two lanes of left-turning traffic were turning at their green arrow?

In what universe do you screw up three lanes of traffic – and then get pissed when the guy behind you flashes his high beams?


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