Watch this man

There is sometimes talk of “defining moments” in political careers.  I just saw one.

Adnan Barqawi, former Regimental Commander of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets spoke to the Virginia Republican Convention this afternoon.  I do hope someone taped it and it hits the internet soon.

Mr. Barqawi arrived in the United States four years ago from Kuwait, son of a Kuwaiti mother and a father of Palestinian descent.  He said since there is no Palestine, and in Kuwait your nationality is based on where you come from, he considered himself a man without a country (If there’s no Palestine … well, the logic escaped me there).  Because he wasn’t Kuwaiti, though, he wasn’t eligible for free education, and father worked and saved to give him an education.  Then he came here (because “Virginia is for Lovers” <grin>) for his college degree, and earned American citizenship as well.

Watch him.  Charismatic, good speaker, outstanding message.  I had tears in my eyes. The man will go far.

Immediately, he’s about to head for the Mississippi Delta as part of the “Teachers for America” program.  With a teacher carrying this message, our students will do well.

If I had an inkling all college students would hear and heed his message, I would never again worry about the future of our country.

(Edited to correct school)

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