The Air Force LOVES its airmen.

We’re a high-tech air force.  So rather than continue the 60-year-old tradition of having your commander or first sergeant announce your promotion, you’ll now log on to a web site.  Ain’t that special.

The Air Force has devised a new uniform (again).  Dubbed the Airman Battle Uniform, it – get this – doesn’t have a jacket that zips from the bottom, only from the top.  How friendly is that to an airman who has to retrieve gear?  Or sit in a truck/office/ warehouse/whatever?  On top of that, an individual writes to Air Force Times:

I e-mailed the board, and their response was they couldn’t change the finalized design and if I didn’t like it, I should just wait until the ABUs become mandatory in 2011, rather than spend my money now.

Ain’t that special.  Nice response.

Add to this the possibility of being demoted, denied promotion, or discharged under a “non-punitive” physical system.

And the  idea that somehow a 1-5 numerical rating scale gives better fidelity than a 1-9 system.

I’m more and more thankful every day I left when I did.

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