ALMOST Anybody BUT Cuccinelli (or: I Made a HUGE Mistake)

I’ve been mistakenly supporting Steve Shannon for Attorney General in Virginia.

All this time, I thought he had voted to override SB1035, commonly referred to as the “restaurant ban”.  Virginia has a law that says you may not carry a concealed weapon in a restaurant that serves alcohol for consumption on the premises.  Thes, it’s open carry only.

Unless you’re a Commonwealth Attorney (whether or not you have a concealed handgun permit).

Or a Deputy Commonwealth Attorney (whether or not you have a concealed handgun permit).

Or other categories of privilege.

Shannon has in the past few days proven himself to be susceptible to the Brady Bunch’s attitudes, and appears to have taken his campaign ads from their website and from Omar Samaha.  (Yes, he’s the guy who took $5000 from ABC to “prove” he could buy a gun without ID.   Got news for ya, guy.  So can any criminal on the DC streets.)

Since I cannot in good conscience support Ken Cuccinelli, I need to find an AG candidate within the next 11 days.


brady humor – again

In all these cases Brady lawyers are assisting with our legal expertise — pro bono.

I hope you will support our fight against new challenges with a tax-deductible contribution as soon as possible. We will prevail — wherever the next battlefield might be.

Yep.   We’re doing it for free.  So send us money.

You, too, can help squelch individual liberties, the Second Amendment, and unconstitutional ordinances everywhere!

No dialog, just send us money!

I’m really quite surprised the Brady Bunch hasn’t applied for stimulus money to pay congress to look at flawed statistics about how guns jump up off tables and out of cabinets, running helter-skelter away from holsters and safes, to inflict such grave injuries on the American population.  Or, maybe they have.

Because that’s all they want.  Money.

I am signed up for the Brady newsletter.  Generally, there are one to two paragraphs of  “oh, my, the sky is falling and you’re unamerican if you aren’t outraged” followed by “send us money”.

If there is one more mass shooting in this country, I am going to scream.

Last month, in less than three weeks, we witnessed the deaths of 22 people in mass shootings — in North Carolina, Alabama and California. This is truly March Madness!

If tainted pistachios, peanut butter, or spinach had killed these people, Congress would have jumped in with investigations, re-calls, and insisted that these foods be taken off the shelves in grocery stores.

And yet, Congress has done nothing — has said nothing — in response to these killing sprees. The NRA and gun lobby may have silenced Congress, but they will not silence me, you — or the Brady Campaign!

There is no place to conduct a conversation.  No blog.  No comment blocks.  No place to ask why their response focuses on the instrument rather than the action.    Frankly,  no outrage  calling for further registration and legislation on the idiot driver who causes a 50-car pileup with several deaths.  No reply address – unless you want to send a check   No, they don’t care about your safety; they care about your checkbook.  Apparently, the only way they want to communicate is by taking your money — kind of like the administration.

Monday was the anniversary of the day James Brady was shot.  Maybe they should blame the shooter,  not the gun?   Just askin’ ….

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Yahoo mail is pretty smart

I have a subscription to the Brady Center news alerts … a “know your enemy” move.

I have a folder titled “Brady Shit” into which I file them.

Yahoo! mail is ahead of me, though. It consistently puts them in my spam folder.

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The Brady Bunch is at it …

The Brady Bunch was ticked they lost a bill today.

But they got someone to reintroduce it for tomorrow, and they think they can convince two senators who voted their way in 05  and ours in 09.

So they have this prewritten e-mail:

I urge you to vote for SB 1257 to close the gun show loophole. Unlicensed gun sellers should conduct background checks on gun purchasers just like the dealers at the table next to them do.  This loophole feeds the illegal gun market across Virginia and should be immediately and permanently closed. Your vote is critical to the bill’s passage.

(Their last paragraph was protected; it couldn’t be changed): Please vote for SB 1257 to close the gun show loophole. Your support in 2005 was greatly appreciated, and I hope you will again vote to keep Virginia’s communities safe from gun violence.

And I modified it:

Please vote NO on SB 1257!

Your vote today was appreciated.  You stood for our constitution, and not for making laws dependent on what building you happen to be standing in.

The Brady Campaign has sent the message that you can be “persuaded” to change your vote. Apparently, some of your constituents think you didn’t know what you were doing today.  They think they’ll get enough clicks to make the last paragraph of this meaningful.

How can you “close” something that doesn’t exist?


(Their last paragraph was protected; it couldn’t be changed): Please vote for SB 1257 to close the gun show loophole. Your support in 2005 was greatly appreciated, and I hope you will again vote to keep Virginia’s communities safe from gun violence.

My name and address was required to send the e-mail.   I’ll have to be on the lookout for their retribution.  But they cunningly spoke of “two senators” without naming them.  By modifying their e-mail, I got the message to those two without having to do the research.  I will do so later and post the names of those senators.

I urge others to go to the Brady web site and do the same.  It’ll push up their clicks, but they won’t be happy.

Open letter to Jesse Jackson

Dear Jesse

Thank you for organizing protests against illegal guns – none of which are sold at reputable gun stores – on the 28th of August, 2007.  {News flash – illegal means not bought on the open market.}

In tribute to your protests, my family bought new legal guns.  Of course, when we bought guns, we needed holsters (we law-abiding citizens carry them in holsters, legally), and ammunition, and accessories.  When we had finished, a local (legal, reputable) gun dealer was many hundreds of dollars enriched.

I can’t say for certain you would find a spike in gun and ammunition sales on the 28th.   I know that is reporting over 100 readers who claimed to have made purchases.  Other blogs are reporting similar numbers.  The Firearms Coalition reports a good day at the location in Maryland your paid supporters picketed.

Mind you, we kept you in mind.  We bought LEGAL guns and LEGAL ammunition.  You see, we, too, dislike illegal guns.  More correctly, we dislike people who use guns for illegal purposes, and believe they should pay the price.  We dislike illegal use of guns.  We decry gun violence, but we applaud the use of guns, whether simply displayed or actually fired, in protection of our families and ourselves.

Again, thank you for providing the focus.  I hope your efforts against illegal guns drives even more commerce to purveyors of legal firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Tess Ailshire

Alexandria, Virginia