What Cox knows about customer service

is precisely zero.

Some may remember some time ago when Cox lost several years of my archived e-mails, with nary an apology or, for that matter, ever actually understanding the issue.

Last week, they brought me a new (software updated) cable box.   Why they can’t do SOFTWARE updates remotely is another completely different issue.  It was probably some combination of software and hardware, but who knows.  The technician left before the box came on line, then I had to call him when it never did.  Apparently he had to call in and have a signal sent to it.

From that point, the thing re-booted two to three times a day.  When it came back from the re-boot, it did so at FULL VOLUME (yes, very loud).  On Sunday, it went into re-boot and never came out.  I called Sunday night for help, and was told I’d need a new box.  I told them I expected it on Monday.  Monday comes and goes; no tech.  When I called Monday night, they said “between 12 and 2” on Tuesday.  I had a doctor appointment, but arrived at home on the stroke of 12.  The tech had been here 15 minutes earlier, and left a message for me to call and reschedule.  Yes, I have to reschedule for their error.  (What if I’d been in the bathroom?)  When I called at 12:10 saying I wanted a tech here today, they said they’d send an e-mail to dispatch and someone would call me.  At 3, no call so I called back, only to be told I’m on the schedule for  tomorrow.  I don’t know what Cox thinks it is, but this is NOT customer service.

On to billing – I want credit.  Agent gives me a small credit, then offers me a premium package free for four months.  I’m complaining that they’re losing a customer, and they’re trying to upsell.  When I told him I had no desire for that premium package, his next comment was “It’s only two mistakes in eight years.”  Two ginormous mistakes, but he can’t see that.

All it would have taken for them to keep a customer is “Yes, Ma’am, we were early.  We’ll have him there before 5.”

To switch services, I have to change e-mail addresses with countless numbers of people.  Again, I pay for their error.

Customer service my ass.

72 hours from Thursday at 1800 is …


The Cox Customer Service technician said “24 to 72 hours”. We’re nearly at double the outside estimate, and Cox has not made good on their word.

Others must be having the same issue; I had more hits yesterday than I’ve ever had on a non-Brady post, and nearly all of them got to me by searching on some combination of “cox lost e-mail 12/31/2069”.

Cox lost e-mail, again …

Though one tech told me he’d never heard of this issue, and another said he saw “one” other case like this, it’s interesting to note I’ve had over 15 hits on this blog posting just from people searching on some combination of “cox lost e-mail 12/31/2069”

Methinks Cox might want to look more closely.

But then, that would be proactive customer service, and I think they’d rather try blamestorming first.

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Cox Customer Service, try 2

Try 2.  Below is the transcript of my chat this afternoon.  Another "sorry, we can't help you."

Finally spent 45 minutes this afternoon after calling and farting around with their automated "help agent"
(do they know what "help" means?).  Got frustrated and entered "0" a few dozen times on the touch-tone,
then they gave me a human.  Who, by the way, said he'd seen this problem earlier.  Elevated it, and the
next-level guy said he hadn't seen it before, but it'd be fixed by Monday.  We'll see.

Just think of the frustration they could save (the customers, who PAY them) if they'd offer an option to
contact someone from the outset.

Anyway, another "helpful" on-line chat with an "analyst".....

Problem = Cox.net has lost all the e-mail in my mailbox prior to July 8 at 0455.

How do I get them restored?
TicketID = xxxx71
Picked up user from queue: chsi general
user AMCIT has entered room
analyst Jenny has entered room
Jenny> Welcome to Cox High Speed Internet Service Online Technical Support. My

name is Jenny and I will be happy to assist you with your concern.

Jenny> I understand that you are having difficulties with your Cox e-mail account. Is that correct?

AMCIT> No. It’s working fine now. The problem is that every e-mail delivered prior to 0455 on 8 July shows “unavailable” “unavailable” and 12/31/2069, 7pm.
AMCIT> I need to restore those e-mails.
AMCIT> That’s five years worht of information
Jenny> Did you have your cox account disconnected before?
AMCIT> No, and it’s not disconnected now. The e-mails are just not there.

Jenny> Do you have the ” Leave a copy in the server ” option active at this time?
AMCIT> I don’t know. Where is that option? I’ll check.

Jenny> Please follow these steps in order to set up the option to leave a copy of the messages on server in Outlook Express:

a. Open Outlook Express, click on [Tools] in the menu bar.

b. Click on the [Accounts] option from the list.

c. Highlight your e-mail address in the list and click on the [Properties] button.

d. Click on the [Advanced] tab and put a check mark on the [Leave a copy of messages on server] box.

e. Click on [Apply] and then click on the [OK] button.
AMCIT> I don’t use outlook express.
AMCIT> I access directly through the webmail server.
Jenny> Wich e-mail client you are using?

AMCIT> Cox.net. I click on webmail.east.cox.net, enter my address and password, and my mailbox opens up.
AMCIT> It doesn’t go through any other POP
Jenny> Are you at home right now or in a different location?

AMCIT> At home.

Jenny> First, I suggest you verify your “Trash Folder”, “Spam Folder” and all the folders you have in WebMail.

AMCIT> The e-mails are all there. They’re “unavailable” They’re empty. They’re not in trash. They’re not in spam. They’re just empty. Lost. Gone. Nothingavailable.
AMCIT> They’re in “inbox” – the ones that should be.

Jenny> A most common cause of the difficulty you are experiecing is that your e-mail address does not have the option to leave a copy of messages on the server. When this happens, all your messages will be stored at the computer where you open Outlook Express or any other e-mail client that has been configured to receive e-mail from your Cox.net e-mail address. Keep in mind that Cox does not provide support to any other e-mail client that is not Outlook Express or Windows Mail, because we do not have the license agreement to support them. If you want to set this option on your e-mail client, I suggest you contact the official support for further assistance.

AMCIT> Other folders have the same issue. Everything before July 8 is gone-empty-kaput.
Jenny> Have you moved recently?

AMCIT> You ARE the official support. I DO NOT USE OUTLOOK EXPRESS.
AMCIT> NO. Not unless 6 years is recent.

Jenny> When you leave copy of messages in the server, they will count towards the quota usage, and you will need to access WebMail from time to time to free up space.
AMICT> I’m only at 24 percent………………
AMCIT> Or was, until COX lost ALL my e-mail
AMCIT> Now, it’s probably 1 percent — only 63 messages have content.

Jenny> The options to set up the ” Leave a copy ” option is using Outlook Express or Windows mail.
AMCIT> I ONLY use webmail.

Jenny> If after reviewing the information above you are still unable to retrieve your missing e-mails. Unfortunately, we cannot retrieve that information because we do not have access to any personal information content from our customers e-mail addresses. I hope you understand, I am really sorry about this.
AMCIT> Who can I call?
AMCIT> Sorry doesn’t cut it. I need that info.
AMCIT> Please provide a contact number.
Jenny> You can contact the Local Office at: 1-800-234-3993
AMCIT> How do I log this chat?
Jenny> You can copy and paste in a Word Pad or Note pad.  (note, a normal “cut and paste” would not work. I’m literate enough to have tried this.)
AMCIT> it won’t copy
Jenny> I can send you this information to your cox.net e-mail address.
AMCIT> thank you. That would be wonderful. (gives e-mail address)
Jenny> Hold on a second, please. I appreciate your patience.

(edited to correct spacing for readability)

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Cox Customer Service

No, this is not a post of praise.  Cox is one of those customers like the “cable company” in the satellite TV commercials — relying on “we’re not as bad as the other guys.”

I’m not so sure.

Somehow, yesterday Cox Communications managed to lose approximately 1800 e-mails I had stored on the system.  Everything before 4:55 am yesterday is showing a sender of “unavailable”, a subject “unavailable”, a date/time group of 12/31/2069, and a file size of 0.0 Mb.

After deleting about 400 (thinking I had been hit by a spam bot), I realize that ALL my previous emails were showing up this way, and realized that I had permanently deleted the most recent.  So I’d wait until today, and if it didn’t clear up, I’d call.

What a joke.

Jeremy is probably a very nice technician, but his response was “we have an outage in the Fairfax region”.   OK, perhaps he did’t understand.  My problem is not NOW, my problem  is the 1800 emails I’ve lost (some were there for reference; some to populate newsletters, etc.; some included fun, poignant, or astute photos or cartoons; yes, some were just junk I hadn’t gotten around to deleting).  Jeremy apologized for the inconvenience.

After he apologized again and told me I would likely not get them back because of the (current, mind you) outage in Fairfax, I politely explained to Jeremy this is more than “an inconvenience”.  Then he said he’s not an e-mail tech support, but rather a high-speed internet tech support.   Oh.  I have the wrong department.  Who can answer help me?

No one, Jeremy explains.

This is customer service.

Their only saving grace is that I’m not willing to take off three weeks of work, one day at a time, to wait for FiOS installers who don’t show up.  And my home doesn’t receive satellite signals.

Tomorrow I’ll be calling the business office.  I expect no adequate resolution, but I’m the eternal optimist.