What Cox knows about customer service

is precisely zero.

Some may remember some time ago when Cox lost several years of my archived e-mails, with nary an apology or, for that matter, ever actually understanding the issue.

Last week, they brought me a new (software updated) cable box.   Why they can’t do SOFTWARE updates remotely is another completely different issue.  It was probably some combination of software and hardware, but who knows.  The technician left before the box came on line, then I had to call him when it never did.  Apparently he had to call in and have a signal sent to it.

From that point, the thing re-booted two to three times a day.  When it came back from the re-boot, it did so at FULL VOLUME (yes, very loud).  On Sunday, it went into re-boot and never came out.  I called Sunday night for help, and was told I’d need a new box.  I told them I expected it on Monday.  Monday comes and goes; no tech.  When I called Monday night, they said “between 12 and 2” on Tuesday.  I had a doctor appointment, but arrived at home on the stroke of 12.  The tech had been here 15 minutes earlier, and left a message for me to call and reschedule.  Yes, I have to reschedule for their error.  (What if I’d been in the bathroom?)  When I called at 12:10 saying I wanted a tech here today, they said they’d send an e-mail to dispatch and someone would call me.  At 3, no call so I called back, only to be told I’m on the schedule for  tomorrow.  I don’t know what Cox thinks it is, but this is NOT customer service.

On to billing – I want credit.  Agent gives me a small credit, then offers me a premium package free for four months.  I’m complaining that they’re losing a customer, and they’re trying to upsell.  When I told him I had no desire for that premium package, his next comment was “It’s only two mistakes in eight years.”  Two ginormous mistakes, but he can’t see that.

All it would have taken for them to keep a customer is “Yes, Ma’am, we were early.  We’ll have him there before 5.”

To switch services, I have to change e-mail addresses with countless numbers of people.  Again, I pay for their error.

Customer service my ass.

Carmax blows a *CASH SALE*

Friend of mine had Carmax tell him “No thanks, keep your money.”

(Because I’m such a stickler for punctuation, etc., I’ve cleaned up his rant to meet my publication standards.   His story, though.)  Italics are my comments.  I’ve also left out the model name (though there was some interesting geek humor involved) to protect his privacy.

I went to Carmax because they had the lowest listed price on replacing the (vehicle).

Arrived there with cash – “genyouwine ‘murican greenbacks” – in hand, ready to conclude the deal right then and there.  Everybody was salivating, including some folks not connected to me or Carmax, but that’s a  story for another day.  (I want to hear that story, too!)

Got all the paperwork signed and put together, including the stuff to transfer title from them to me and have my license plates  transferred from the Isotope to the new Element.  I went and sat down with the free coffee while I waited for them to peel the advertising off the back end and screw my plates on.  (YES!  Another person who thinks as I do — I don’t pay to advertise for someone else!)

Cutest little thing comes in, looking all sorts of sad and confused, and says i have to re-do 2/3rds of the paperwork because their system will not accept a line drawn through all the blank spots where a co-purchaser’s  name would go if there were one.  Now i’m a bit put off by that, but am willing to accept that their scanner sees any squiggle as a signature and gets kerfuffled when  told there was only one buyer but sees 2 ‘signatures’.  We re-did the paperwork and I hauled out the red ink pen to insert ‘and no other’ on the blank spaces. The drone who does the paperwork-filling-out — or is it filling-in — takes the new set back into the bowels of ‘authorized personnel only’-land.

Three minutes later, cutest little thing comes out and says ‘and no other’ is also being recognized by their system as a signature and kerfuffling the bejabbers out of the system.

I attempt to have a conversation with cutest little thing about my aversion to  signing any legal document with a blank space on it.  She says she is understanding, but wants to assure me that nobody would ever insert anything on  those lines.  Yeah — I think but manage not to say out loud “and how much are you asking for that bridge as an aftermarket accessory”?

I suggested she go call someone with some sense and authority to see how we can resolve my determination not to sign a contract with blank spaces. She goes off, and I drink more coffee.  I wander around looking at overpriced add-on radios, CD  players, DVD systems, and GPS combined with either, or, or all three.

After about 20 minutes I get  told that she called all the  way up to the top of the Carmax ladder and the answer is, and forever will be, and I quote here — ‘ our system will not accept that.’

I thank her for her patience and assistance, even though she isn’t looking quite so cute now  that she senses the deal about to die right there in front of her.  I ask  that my plates be taken off the vehicle and that I be allowed to witness each and every piece of paper I signed or initialed be shredded

I get told  that some of the forms are those that go to Department of Motor Vehicles and they cannot destroy them.  After suggesting I will call the State Police and a DMV investigator, suddenly everybody is agreeing that not only can all the  paperwork be shredded but that I can even do it myself, as long as they get to hand me each page. (What would have to go to DMV if no vehicle gets sold or registered?)

Because ‘our system will not accept that’  the deal is dead right there.  Several customers have overheard my discussion of why I would not sign a document with blank spaces, and I’m out the door and on my way to Dealer Number 2, who has another (vehicle) on the lot for only a few hundred  more than Carmax was asking.

Carmax lost.  Dealer Number 2 was willing to take a deposit, order/install accessories, and hold until Monday, And understood and agreed that I should not accept a contract with blank spaces.  Apparently their system has no problems accepting ‘and no other’  where names are supposed to go and line-throughs everywhere else there was a  blank.

Thanks for listening.  I just could not  believe Carmax would blow a cash sale over lining through blank lines on a sales contract.

The news is telling me retailers are hurting and needed their sales.   Apparently, not if they have to offer logic and customer service as well.

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Got a dictionary? What part of “No” don’t they understand?

For the second time in as many days, I’ve gotten phone calls from companies who want my business, but who didn’t want it enough to earn it the last time we had contact.

This time it was Homefix Corporation.  When the woman asked if I had any roofing or other work for which I’d like an estimate, and I told her “not from Homefix” she at least asked if they “hurt” me.  I informed her that when I had considered doing business with them, they never showed up for the estimate.  I didn’t bother telling her the next time they called, and I informed them of this fact, they argued with me, insisting their records showed they did.  Then I politely thanked her for her time, and hung up.

Some people have more nerve than a toothache.  The woman called back!  She offered to “make it up to” me.  At least after the second time I told her “I choose not to do business with Homefix” and hung up, she didn’t call again.

So far.

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