Commercials that annoy me

Or, more precisely, that send a message which is most likely not the one the manufacturer intended.

Chevy Volt.

Owner says “I probably go to the gas station such a small amount that I forget how to put gas in my car.”

The message I get is that either it’s a royal pain in the ass to put gas in a Volt, or the owner is too flipping stupid to be driving.  I tend to believe the stupid part, given the grammar of her statement.

So the message I get:  “Stupid people own Volts.”   Do I want to be one of them?  Nope.

More gooder better grammar ….

There was a shooting on Capitol Hill today.  (Wait – aren’t guns illegal in Washington D.C.?  Except in one’s OWN home, for protection only, and ONLY after a threat is present?????)

From a news report:

Schneider said the driver, who has yet to be identified, produced a gun once his car came to rest. And after failing to respond to commands, officers shot him.

Officers failed to respond to commands?  What is this world coming to?  And who did the officers shoot after they failed to respond to commands?

Or is it print reporters who haven’t a clue how to stick to proper grammar?

And I thought it amusing the “right to die” is not guaranteed.

The hell of being an editor, even if only part-time.

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Headline Fail

Rhee Announces New School Violence Plan

I really don’t think this is what the article meant.  The last thing DC needs is a violence plan.

Or maybe the headline writer doesn’t like the unplanned violence in DC schools?

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a one-day job in Maryland????

“Land a Job at the Baltimore Career Fair on June 16” was the title of an e-mail I received today from

Guess even the GI bill hasn’t taught basic grammar to some.

The e-mail referenced a career fair to be held in Baltimore on June 16.  I presume one is not to land a job at the career fair, but rather to attend in hopes of finding leads on a job.

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