Unclear on the Concept

Since you have to be registered to read this part of the Washington Post, I’ll quote the entire letter to the editor:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perhaps the record snowfall in the Washington region will give us pause to reflect on the value that a functioning and financed government plays in our lives. Those who seem sure that they want less government are equally sure that they want their streets plowed and their loved ones rescued when necessary.

All one need do is reflect on the tireless efforts of plow drivers, police, firefighters and emergency workers to understand that most government workers are proud of what they do and do their jobs well. Most of them also are paid a lot less than many of those people who are least supportive of the increased taxes necessary for government to meet growing demands for services and infrastructure.

We do not really want less government, particularly when we need services. We just do not want to pay for those services. So those of you who don’t want to fund the federal, state and local governments on which we all depend would do well to hope that the rest of us continue to do so at necessarily increased levels, so your streets will be plowed and your loved ones rescued.

Larry Beck, Kensington

Anyone else wonder where he went to school that he doesn’t understand the difference between “governing” and “providing services to the governed”?

And these people VOTE!
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Phone rings.

CALLER:  Hello, ma’am … (I’m with xxx research and we’re not selling anything, etc.).  We’re doing a survey to find out what people in your area think about the media.


ME:  I don’t know what people in my area think about the media; I only know what I think.


CALLER:  Okay, thank you for your time.  CLICK.

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Let’s Be Offended

Can  you imagine anything quite as inane?  Well, okay, I read the news; I guess I can.

To be offended by an obvious play on words?

When a society loses its ability to see humor, it is well on the way to oblivion.

This from the “news” media.  The ones who shouldn’t be covering idiots’ “sensibilities” or frivolous suits.

Yahoo mail is pretty smart

I have a subscription to the Brady Center news alerts … a “know your enemy” move.

I have a folder titled “Brady Shit” into which I file them.

Yahoo! mail is ahead of me, though. It consistently puts them in my spam folder.

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Guess he can’t buy them votes, eh?

“Have the Republicans no shame? After swarming around President Obama like adolescent girls swooning over the Jonas brothers, getting their picture taken with him and accepting his invitation to a White House cocktail party, every Republican in the House still voted like Rush Limbaugh instructed them to — registering a big fat ‘no’ on Obama’s stimulus plan.” —Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift

Looks like someone is upset Obama couldn’t buy votes with inauguration tickets and cocktail parties.

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A partial solution to the budget woes

Read in a news article:

Only California, Maryland and Virginia have one-gun-a-month restrictions. South Carolina had a similar law for nearly 30 years but repealed it in the face of criticism that it had proved ineffective.

Since when do politicians reverse a stupid law just because it’s ineffective? This is probably the most heartening thing I’ve heard in a year!  There is hope.

Actually, I’ve been thinking of proposing to my legislators that instead of introducing new legislation this session, they introduce only items that would repeal old laws.  Not only might it clear up the code, but think of the money they’d save.  Every law they don’t have means they don’t need to enforce it.

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Headline Fail

Rhee Announces New School Violence Plan

I really don’t think this is what the article meant.  The last thing DC needs is a violence plan.

Or maybe the headline writer doesn’t like the unplanned violence in DC schools?

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Virginia Crimes Commission meeting 9 September


Paraphrasing, but near direct quotes, from the Chairman…

“Let’s make up a few facts here.”

“The reason we make laws is so people know how to abide by them.”

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Damn, our governor is GOOD!

According to a press release today, Virginia’s governor’s schedule for September 9 includes:

Smoking Cessation Event. Governor Kaine will help launch a stop smoking initiative for state employees as part of the CommonHealth state employee wellness program. The initiative will be a partnership between the Virginia Department of Human Resources Management and Free and Clear, a highly successful smoking cessation program. In addition, Governor Kaine will highlight the successes of the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation in curbing rates of youth smoking.

When: 10:00 a.m.

Where: Manchester Middle School

7401 Hull Street Road

Richmond, Virginia

Healthcare Symposium on Supplier Diversity. Governor Kaine will deliver remarks at the third annual Healthcare Symposium on Supplier Diversity, a forum bringing together stakeholders in the health care industry to discuss the future of health care services delivery.

When: 10:00 a.m.

Where: The Commonwealth Club

401 West Franklin Street

Richmond, Virginia

Now, I’d really like to see this, but unlike Kaine, I can’t be in two places at once.

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Intellectual laziness

I’ve found this a lot lately.  Comments like this (posted from The Conservative Voice because the story under the headline changed on the AP pages):

Sally Powless, a delegate from Toledo, Ohio … I’ll tell ya, it’s energy,” she said. “It’s being among all these Democrats. You know everybody thinks the way you think. You can get into a conversation about things that are important for you and know you’re not going to get into a confrontation.”

If things are important to you, why aren’t you willing to discuss them with people who disagree?  Why must it be a confrontation?  Speaking only to those who agree with you (reminiscent of a certain Million Mom meeting I tried to attend) really is the height of intellectual laziness.  It implies you aren’t comfortable enough of your viewpoint to be able to discuss it rationally.

It’s been my experience that those who must confront issues, rather than discussing them, are arguing from emotion, and are unwilling to let facts stand in their way.  Confrontation is their childish way of trying to get their way.

Do Democrats all think alike?  I know not all my acquaintances of the donkey persuasion think alike, not even on the “big” issues.