Hello world!

Well, it’s time to start a real blog. Some rumors have it that wordpress will soon become our collaborative blog engine at work, too, so I figured I’d start and learn. Unlike my livejournal site, this blog will feature what I think about things, perhaps links to things I find humorous, and perhaps even a place for some organizational efforts to occur (like DeeGee Special Interest Groups, etc.). I’ll make a family category, but family should probably keep our internal posts to livejournal.

So, expect posts about idiocy (like the Verizon radio ad being aired here that has the prosecutor stating her client pleads the fifth) , guns, politics, and whatever I feel.

By the way, AMCIT is the State Department term used to identify American Citizens, usually living abroad. I figure what the heck, I’m an American citizen, and if I don’t protect that status diligently, may soon be a minority in my own land.

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