You Gotta Wonder …

Delegate Scott Surovell (VA-44) has led several clean-up days over the past few years for Little Hunting Creek.  Volunteers have cleaned (and re-cleaned, and re-cleaned, apparently) an area of the creek that is used as a dumping grounds.

These efforts are commendable, though I wonder if perhaps a fundraising effort for fences to keep trash from getting IN to the creek might be more long-lasting.

Here comes the “but …”   Surovell writes in an e-mail:

To help deal with the never ending [sic] stream of trash into our community’s creeks, I am currently considering the following action items:

    -Legislation authorize Fairfax County to enact legislation to allow fines for abandoned shopping carts
-A comprehensive litter education program in the Route 1 Corridor
-Supporting measures to make trash and litter a measurable metrics [sic] in determining stream health
-Re-introducing a $0.05 plastic bag fee

Being me, I have to ask the obvious questions …

Who the hell are we going to fine?  Stores, which already lose hundreds of dollars when a cart is stolen?  The dumper?  As if we’d find them.  Gods know the police have so much free time they can investigate cases of dumped shopping carts.  And why only Fairfax County?  What’s so special about carts dumped here instead of, say, Prince William County?

Why would we need legislation to enact a comprehensive education program in the area?   Sure, we’re a Dillon Rule state, but there is no state law that says communities cannot educate their citizens.  (Sounds like a plea for funding the program, which I would oppose vehemently as not high-enough priority.)

Along the Route 1 corridor, there are hundreds of families who don’t have cars (which they would have to fuel, insure, and maintain).  They take buses to work, and stop at WalMart, Safeway, Target or, yes, 7-11, for food and toiletries on their way home from work.  The $.05 tax harms these people more than any.  (I can almost hear the “oh, wait, we’ll provide them reusable bags”)

FYI – the didn’t the volunteers collect, this time, 51 plastic bags of trash?

I can’t argue the remaining point, simply because I don’t know enough.  IS litter a metric of a stream’s health?  One cannot make it relevant just by enacting legislation.  Nor is anyone helped if the state or administrative bureaucracy is forced to collect measures on topics that do not drive action.  If the metric can be shown to be useful, why is it not already part of data-collection efforts?

Hello, Uncle Sam? I’m over 21. Adult. I vote. I pay taxes….

LOTS of taxes.

But Uncle Sam wants to regulate how much salt, fat, trans fats, sugar, beef, pork, and who knows what else I eat.  It’s not enough the First Lady is imposing her will on kids, with or without the consent of their parents, but the FDA will regulate what someone (in a “free market economy”, by the way) can sell me.  No wonder Mr. Obama is/was reading The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria.

So much for choice.

When I was a kid, I used to hear adults say “What???? I’m free, white, and over 21.”  I always wondered why they had to be white.  And when I was a teenager, someone decided we were adults after 18  (unless we want to drink, or buy a gun; then we’re children).

The point is that as every day goes by we’re being treated more and more as children, and we’re not going to the ballot boxes in droves to say “No”.  That’s the part I really don’t understand.

Response from Supervisor Hyland

I wrote Supervisor Hyland regarding the issue of phones/cameras in the courthouse.

A staffer responded; Hyland apparently doesn’t care.

The response:

“Ms. xxxxx – I have shared your email with the Court.  The Chief Judge in cooperation with the Clerk to the Court and the Sheriff propogate rules to keep our resident’s safe at the Fairfax County Courthouse Complex.”

Aside from not answering the question, expecting me to buy the security theater answer, and blowing me off, he blew me off with a staffer who can’t spell and doesn’t understand the rules of grammar.

The word is “propagate” and the plural of “resident” is “residents” — no apostrophe.

If this isn’t a “shut up and color” response, I don’t know what is.

So, there’s a difference?

It seems the Congress and the Obama administration believes the entire US financial system needed government intervention because of derivative markets, which created an artificial demand for products that exist only by definition.  Or that existed only in esoteric form.
But then they support trade in emissions credits?

Where carbon-reducing technologies can be replaced by heat-producing technologies.  Where NO ONE knows what, if any, technologies are better for the planet than others.

Where there will be artificial demand for products that exist only by definition.