An open letter, and a promise, to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

Governor McDonnell, you have the power to stop this atrocity.   The government of Virginia is poised to retrogress to a patronizing, sanctimonious mass of social laws designed to step on women.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject in whatever form the “personhood” bill and the “ultrasound” bill reach you.  Reject them outright.

I am so repulsed by the ideas espoused in these bills that I will make a promise.

I will promise, should these bills pass with or without your signature, that I will not cast a vote for a Republican in Virginia until they are repealed.  Nor will I cast a vote in a national election for any ticket with which your name or your endorsement is affiliated.

I will do what I can to get other women and others who value individual freedom to join me.

What Cox knows about customer service

is precisely zero.

Some may remember some time ago when Cox lost several years of my archived e-mails, with nary an apology or, for that matter, ever actually understanding the issue.

Last week, they brought me a new (software updated) cable box.   Why they can’t do SOFTWARE updates remotely is another completely different issue.  It was probably some combination of software and hardware, but who knows.  The technician left before the box came on line, then I had to call him when it never did.  Apparently he had to call in and have a signal sent to it.

From that point, the thing re-booted two to three times a day.  When it came back from the re-boot, it did so at FULL VOLUME (yes, very loud).  On Sunday, it went into re-boot and never came out.  I called Sunday night for help, and was told I’d need a new box.  I told them I expected it on Monday.  Monday comes and goes; no tech.  When I called Monday night, they said “between 12 and 2” on Tuesday.  I had a doctor appointment, but arrived at home on the stroke of 12.  The tech had been here 15 minutes earlier, and left a message for me to call and reschedule.  Yes, I have to reschedule for their error.  (What if I’d been in the bathroom?)  When I called at 12:10 saying I wanted a tech here today, they said they’d send an e-mail to dispatch and someone would call me.  At 3, no call so I called back, only to be told I’m on the schedule for  tomorrow.  I don’t know what Cox thinks it is, but this is NOT customer service.

On to billing – I want credit.  Agent gives me a small credit, then offers me a premium package free for four months.  I’m complaining that they’re losing a customer, and they’re trying to upsell.  When I told him I had no desire for that premium package, his next comment was “It’s only two mistakes in eight years.”  Two ginormous mistakes, but he can’t see that.

All it would have taken for them to keep a customer is “Yes, Ma’am, we were early.  We’ll have him there before 5.”

To switch services, I have to change e-mail addresses with countless numbers of people.  Again, I pay for their error.

Customer service my ass.

Turn the tables …

Imagine, just for a second, this quote came from US Attorney General Eric Holder, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, or Democrat Steve Shannon:  “I will not defend what I, in my judgment, deem to be an unconstitutional law.”  (K. Cuccinelli, 4/4/09) [emphasis mine]

The fearmongers would be having a heyday.  Fox News would go national (probably giving it even a more tabloid spin).  Anti-liberals would be apoplectic, sputtering all over themselves about people who would ignore duly passed laws.  They’d be arguing that it’s not the government’s role to make those determinations, but the people’s.

So I cannot in any way comprehend why these same people are endorsing that attitude for the Virginia Attorney General seat.

What are they thinking????  Don’t tell me “conservatism” (in Cuccinelli’s case, conservatism manifests itself as anti-gay, anti- non-traditional family, anti-choice, holier-than-though power plays to control what choices you make for yourself), or logic.    Call it what it is … hatred of “liberals” – another undefined term.

What are the limits of the VA Attorney General’s authority?

One more piece of crap Cuccinelli is promising to do as Attorney General.  Apparently he has been unsuccessful as a State Senator at accomplishing any of them.  Does he have any CLUE what the AG job is?

Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, a Republican from Fairfax County who’s running  
for Virginia attorney general, has championed an open state budget  
process. He says – if elected – he’ll get the state budget online in a  
way that can actually be deciphered by "the citizens of the  
Commonwealth who own this government.”  

I”m really tired of his attitude, so I don’t want to watch it, but if you do, see here.

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Got a dictionary? What part of “No” don’t they understand?

For the second time in as many days, I’ve gotten phone calls from companies who want my business, but who didn’t want it enough to earn it the last time we had contact.

This time it was Homefix Corporation.  When the woman asked if I had any roofing or other work for which I’d like an estimate, and I told her “not from Homefix” she at least asked if they “hurt” me.  I informed her that when I had considered doing business with them, they never showed up for the estimate.  I didn’t bother telling her the next time they called, and I informed them of this fact, they argued with me, insisting their records showed they did.  Then I politely thanked her for her time, and hung up.

Some people have more nerve than a toothache.  The woman called back!  She offered to “make it up to” me.  At least after the second time I told her “I choose not to do business with Homefix” and hung up, she didn’t call again.

So far.

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72 hours from Thursday at 1800 is …


The Cox Customer Service technician said “24 to 72 hours”. We’re nearly at double the outside estimate, and Cox has not made good on their word.

Others must be having the same issue; I had more hits yesterday than I’ve ever had on a non-Brady post, and nearly all of them got to me by searching on some combination of “cox lost e-mail 12/31/2069”.

Cox Customer Service

No, this is not a post of praise.  Cox is one of those customers like the “cable company” in the satellite TV commercials — relying on “we’re not as bad as the other guys.”

I’m not so sure.

Somehow, yesterday Cox Communications managed to lose approximately 1800 e-mails I had stored on the system.  Everything before 4:55 am yesterday is showing a sender of “unavailable”, a subject “unavailable”, a date/time group of 12/31/2069, and a file size of 0.0 Mb.

After deleting about 400 (thinking I had been hit by a spam bot), I realize that ALL my previous emails were showing up this way, and realized that I had permanently deleted the most recent.  So I’d wait until today, and if it didn’t clear up, I’d call.

What a joke.

Jeremy is probably a very nice technician, but his response was “we have an outage in the Fairfax region”.   OK, perhaps he did’t understand.  My problem is not NOW, my problem  is the 1800 emails I’ve lost (some were there for reference; some to populate newsletters, etc.; some included fun, poignant, or astute photos or cartoons; yes, some were just junk I hadn’t gotten around to deleting).  Jeremy apologized for the inconvenience.

After he apologized again and told me I would likely not get them back because of the (current, mind you) outage in Fairfax, I politely explained to Jeremy this is more than “an inconvenience”.  Then he said he’s not an e-mail tech support, but rather a high-speed internet tech support.   Oh.  I have the wrong department.  Who can answer help me?

No one, Jeremy explains.

This is customer service.

Their only saving grace is that I’m not willing to take off three weeks of work, one day at a time, to wait for FiOS installers who don’t show up.  And my home doesn’t receive satellite signals.

Tomorrow I’ll be calling the business office.  I expect no adequate resolution, but I’m the eternal optimist.

Who not to hire – Homefix

I’m looking to replace my front bow window and my entry door.

I contacted a few companies, among them one that had left a hangtag on my door recently.  I scheduled one for 5pm on Wednesday, and another for 6:30 for estimates.

The guy at 5 showed up a few minutes early.  He was very polite and professional.  While he was there,  the other called.  He started to give me a sales pitch for his company, and then asked if spouse would be here too.  When I said I didn’t know, he informed me they “do over 100 free estimates a day” and want both to be there so they don’t have to repeat.  I told him if it came to that, he didn’t have to come; I had someone else there and would see him at 6:30.

Then he called back to say he’d be late because of traffic.

Then he sent someone else.  An arrogant, high-pressure, suited asshole, who didn’t introduce himself immediately, who brushed past me as I let him in the front door, who plopped his stuff down on my dining table, and – worst of all – POPPED his juicyfruit gun the whole time he was here.

The idiot kept trying to get out of me who else I had talked to and what their estimate was.  He tried to show me that good windows cost 4x what “builders grade” cost.  He wanted to “educate” me and tell me what concerns were most important to me.  Finally, I had to inform him his company and I were “not a good fit”.

I really suspect the company simply didn’t want to do a one-window job, but trust me, with that attitude, they would never have gotten the chance.

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Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

This is what happens when you hire Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to do your basement:

This is waterproofed?

Remind me never to recommend them to anyone.

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