NRA being hypocritical AGAIN

We’d been talking about perhaps heading to Charlotte, NC for one day of the NRA annual meetings.  After all, we’re both life members.

Then we learn the NRA has contracted to hold its annual meetings in a place that does not allow the carry of firearms.

What hypocrites.

The NRA is supposed to be fighting working for the rights of law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.  Unless it’s inconvenient.

Ted Nugent, supposedly a fighter for our rights, is quoted in the latest issue of America’s First Freedom as saying Americans have to make their voice heard.  Yeah, right.

THIS American will be letting the NRA know what I think.

I’ve come to the realization that the NRA’s greatest strength is it’s propensity for self-promotion.  Second is it’s ability to try to guilt its members into sending donations.


NRA ignorant or misinformed, or both

Got this neat NRA ‘get out the vote’ e-mail urging me to attend political rallies this weekend.  The first one they listed WAS HELD IN A NON-GUN-FRIENDLY location — Interstate Van Lines in Springfield.

The politicovermin have a right to rally wherever they want, and of course the property owner has the right to determine behavior on his property.
But for NRA to sponsor and endorse this?  Bullshit.

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