Terrorism detainees could be headed to Virginia. So? Look at the whiners, though

But the wimps of Northern Virginia are crying.

Hotels and apartments are less than 200 feet from the jail.  The Post reports “Business owners in the dense area around the courthouse — newly filled with hotels, restaurants and luxury apartments — fear disruptions amid a declining economy.”

Note this:  “NEWLY FILLED”.  When were these hotels and apartments built next to a maximum security prison?  After 2001?  After the DC snipers were held there?  After Zacarias Moussaoui was held there for five years? Let’s take some pieces from the Post’s story …

“When the Alexandria jail, an eight-story red-brick building adjacent to the Capital Beltway near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, opened in 1987, the area had been a city dump.

The 10-story federal courthouse opened a few blocks away in 1996 in what had been a field of mud. The chief judge brought bag lunches to work because there were so few restaurants nearby.”

“By early 2002, about a dozen terrorist suspects were held at the jail, which by contract accepts up to 150 federal inmates, and more if it can.”

“On a single block behind the courthouse, there is a luxury 326-unit apartment complex with a Fed Ex/Kinko’s, cleaners and cafe on the first floor; an office building with room for ground floor retail; another office building; and a Marriott Residence Inn. All opened within the past 18 months.”

“I’ve never agreed with people who say ‘not in my back yard,’ but there are just too many people around here,” said Jim Boulton, president of the unit owners association at the Caryle Towers condominium complex, which has been trying to get the government to remove security barriers …”

See a pattern?  Move to within a quarter mile of a federal prison that has been known since 2002 to house terrorism suspects, then say Not In My Back Yard?

Sounds like Northern Virginia to me.  Some of these folk disgust me.

Get your politicians to cry.  Frank Wolf needs another cause.  Mayor Euille doesn’t want the headaches.  Did someone tell him that being Mayor was all handshaking and parades?

This is a federal prison.  Federal prisons sometimes house dangerous people.  If it bothers you, don’t buy a condo a block away.  Don’t build a new hotel a block away.  Don’t stay at a hotel a block away.  MOVE away.  But DO NOT expect the government to take your druthers into consideration; it’s simply not their job to make you happy.

Can you define “dialogue”?

Apparently, our president can’t either.

[T]he question I think that the American people are asking is: Do you just want government to do nothing, or do you want it to do something? If you want it to do something, then we can have a conversation. But doing nothing — that’s not an option, from my perspective.” –Barack Obama

One, I don’t think most Americans are asking that question.

And two, if they are, but he isn’t willing to discuss one of the two options, he’s playing a Chavez on us.

Since he isn’t willing to discuss, I hope his actions come back to bite him in the butt — and sooner rather than later.

I can’t accept the premise that my goal should be to “have a conversation”.  Since he’s decided how things are going to go, I’ll continue to work against these inane efforts and hope we can salvage something.

Already, according to Real Clear Politics, his approval ratings have dropped from 73 to 65 (how they got that high I simply don’t understand) in less than his first month.  Maybe the American people are now speaking, and someone will recognize what happens when you focus on first-time voters to win the election, but you have to deal with the entire population to govern effectively.

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More stupidity – publicize that which offends you

Came across this this morning while skimming headlines:

Plane Crash Game – Fun or Offensive?

The story starts:

Online gamers have been given the chance to become the “Hero of the Hudson” — but some have branded the video game as offensive.

So what?  When did “being offensive” become a crime?  It seems we’ve begun a nationwide movement where everyone has to get offended at something, and must lash out at those who offend them.

My world doesn’t work like that.  Be offended if you want.  Be offensive if you want.  If you offend me, I may say so.  I may publicly rant.  But we Americans cannot continue to run to the news media every time something offends our sensibilities.  All that does is give two dozen whack jobs in some podunk community an outlet for their outrage.

If something offends you, do something about it (something legal, for Pete’s sake), or ignore it.   Don’t send it to Fox news, and give it publicity.

So the idea that a plane may sink if it lands in water is offensive.  Okay.  So the idea that someone is capitalizing on a news story is offensive.  Okay.  Do you have to buy/play the game?  Can you ignore it.  Okay.

Be real.  Be grownups.  And quit crying.

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Sen. Warner fits right in

I have contacted Senators Webb and Warner three times already in the 111th Congress.  I urged them to do the right thing and oppose the nominations of Clinton and Salazar (per Article 1, Section VI, Para 2), and to oppose Holder on the grounds that he doesn’t understand civil liberties.

Warner hit the Democratic ground running, and showed why he’s a politician (emphasis and comments, of course, are mine):

Thank you for contacting me regarding President Obama’s nominees to serve in the executive branch.  I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Article II, Section 2 of the United States Consititution [duh, yeah, I obviously read the Constitution, since I quoted the article which disqualifies Clinton and Salazar] provides that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint…Officers of the United States….”  As a former Chief Executive [politician speak — Regard me highly for I am he], I respect the constitutional authority and prerogative of the President, regardless of party, to select nominees for the executive branch who he believes will best serve the interest [so why select Holder?] of the American people.  I, also, take very seriously the Senate’s constitutional duty to render advice and consent on these nominations [if so, you would realize your duty to advise this is unconstitutional, despite the parliamentary games and the fact it’s been done before].

Again, thank you for writing.  I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind when these nominations reach the full Senate for consideration [He expects me to believe this?].

Three paragraphs to say nothing but “shut up and color”.

He’s the junior Senator.  He has to play “Mother, May I?” to some degree.  I had higher hopes.

At least he responded.  That’s more than Webb usually does.

Senate Confirms 6 Obama Cabinet Secretaries

Senate Confirms 6 Obama Cabinet Secretaries – First 100 Days of Presidency – Politics FOXNews.com.

‘Guess it doesn’t matter that Salazar is constitutionally ineligible to hold the office.  (Section 6, Article 2).

Clinton is likewise ineligible.  But that won’t stop her fan club Congress from confirming her.

IIRC, Reagan was the last honorable man to skip a nomination because of this issue.  Just because others have done it does not make it right.

I can’t find the recorded votes, yet, on the bills that rolled back pay.  It may have been voice votes, but I will be remembering which of my representatives vote to ignore the Constitution.

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How Obama differs from Dr. King

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ … I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. … And if America is to be a great nation this must become true.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

The Obama-mania that has swept our nation is anything but color-blind.

While Mr. Obama may or may not be open to opportunity for all races and genders, the news surrounding him is more racist than I’ve seen in my life.

“Racist” does not necessarily mean “hurtful”.  In many, if not most, cases it is so.  Think, though, of the stories you’ve seen over the past year.  How many are some version of “this black man has worked at his mundane job for 50 years and now can celebrate a black man in the white house.”?  Many are heartwarming, tear-jerking stories.  But they place Mr. Obama’s race as central to his candidacy and, presumably, his administration.  And Mr. Obama has neither done nor said anything to repudiate it.

If you want to convince me that electing Obama broke the racial barrier, show me stories of people, of all races and colors, who praise him for moral stance, or issues stance, or some non-racial factor.  Then, and only then, might I begin to think that racism isn’t being celebrated and promoted in our nation today.

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Another “you’re too stupid” moment

Obama agrees the nation should push off the transition to digital TV, “citing concerns about consumer readiness for the transition.”

Never mind that we’ve been hearing about this for longer than the flippin’ presidential campaign.  Never mind that “public service announcements” have been assailing us for years.  Never mind that there is no right to television service.

We’re too stupid to have paid attention so far, so the nanny-staters would push it off longer, so stupid is rewarded again.

How to exploit your husband

by SarahBrady@BradyCenter.org

The Bush Administration has given the gun lobby a special last-minute gift — a very expensive one, … one that puts public safety at risk.

The Brady Center is taking action to stop it.  We need your help.

The Brady Center has filed a suit asking a federal court to strike down the Administration’s last-minute rule change to allow concealed, loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Please give a tax-deductible gift now to help us stop this unnecessary and dangerous ruling.  It will allow guns in rural and urban national park areas around the country …

… from Wyoming’s Yellowstone and California’s Yosemite to Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park, home of the Liberty Bell.

The Brady Center filed the suit on behalf of our Brady Campaign members, including school teachers in the New York  and Washington, D.C. areas who are canceling or curtailing school trips to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and the National Mall in Washington, D.C. now that the Bush Administration will allow guns in these national parks.

Click here to give today to support our efforts to keep our parks and wildlife refuges safe, to stop the gun lobby and the Bush Administration from enacting this last-minute ruling.

Sarah Brady, Chair

Also known as “we’d rather take your money and fight inanimate objects than deal with delusional criminals”.

Note the appeals to emotion — “children (and their teachers) are scared”  (and would rather cower than take responsibility for themselves).

Note the untruths:

  • Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are in New York, with onerous gun-control laws, and near-impossible-to-get carry permits — where under the proposed rules, guns would not be allowed anyway.
  • The National Mall, in DC, where even residents have to jump through hoops to keep locked, inoperable firearms in their own homes for self-defense.
  • In Philadelphia, where state law requires a concealed handgun permit in order for an individual to carry any firearm.

Note the short paragraphs, 42% of which ask you to send money.

Note the lie:  “last-minute ruling”.   The petition for rulemaking was initially brought forth two years ago, and the public comment period was extended twice.  (A link to the final rule)

Note the deliberate lack of information on numbers of people who have been ASSAULTED, ROBBED, RAPED, and/or KILLED  in National Parks in the last five years — when law-abiding citizens were prohibited from being armed.

Sarah has been exploiting James’ injuries for 25 years, and has garnered lots of money from it.  James is quoted as saying  “”He scares me,” Jim Brady says of Hinckley, “cause he doesn’t have 52 cards in his deck.””

Not “the guns scare me” or “gunmen scare me” — but Hinckley does.  As he should.  Sarah just spins it another way.

So take lessons.  This is how it’s done.

Another senseless search policy

So the Metro system here in the DC area is going to start searching passengers.  Oh, wait, not passengers, just their belongings (like there’s a difference).

I wrote, using the “contact us” form on their page, and received this in return:

Thank you for writing to Metro regarding our new Security Inspection Program.  The program which will be random, unannounced and focused on explosive detection is aimed to deter terrorist attacks and increase the overall safety of the Metro system.  Passengers can expect bag inspections at any Metro facility when circumstances warrant heightened vigilance.  However, it should not be assumed that there is a specific threat to the Metro system when we are conducting random bag inspections.

Prior to launching the Security Inspection Program, Metro Transit Police met with officials at the Transportation Security Administration and transit agencies in New York, Boston and New Jersey where police regularly conduct inspections of passengers¿ belongings.  Legal Authority to inspect packages brought into the Metro system has been established by the court system on similar types of inspections in mass transit properties, airports, military facilities and courthouses.

On Monday, October 27, Metro began posting large red and white signs at Metroail station entrances informing passengers about the inspections.  Inspection points will be set up at Metro facilities and passengers will go through inspections before entering a rail station or boarding a bus and before paying a fare.  The inspections are estimated to take only a few seconds and will be conducted by specially trained Metro Transit Police Officers and explosive-detection dogs.

Transit Police will randomly select a number, such as five.  Then every fifth person will be asked to step aside and allow their carry on items to be inspected.  Additionally, passengers displaying suspicious behavior may also be subject to having their bags searched.  Individuals who refuse to have their bag or bags inspected will not be allowed to enter the Metro system with those carry-on items.  They will be free to leave the system with their items.

The bag inspection program is an ongoing effort to protect Metro riders, employees and facilities.  Passenger cooperation will help to ensure the program is fast, smooth and successful.  For additional information about our new security initiative program, please go to our website, www.metroopensdoors.com.  Also, http://www.wmata.com/faqs/preview.cfm?faqID=50 offers a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Security Inspection Program.  Thank you again for taking the time to share your comments with us.  I hope this information helps to address your concerns.

To speak to a Blue-Orange Line Customer Service Representative for Comments, Complaints or Suggestions, please call 301-562-4606 weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You can leave a message at all other times or e-mail us at www.wmata.com.

If you ever need to speak with a Customer Information Agent for assistance with general questions, please call 202-637-7000; 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The Web site is also a valuable resource for customers to find out more details about trip planning, bus and rail fares, service disruptions and other information.


Paul Bumbry
Rail Transportation Customer Service Manager

In other words, “Shut up and color.  We think it’s legal, and if you ride the Blue or Orange lines you can call us, else stick to e-mail.  I”m not really addressing your concerns, but you’re stupid enough to think you got a letter so you’re okay.”

It astounds me that in the DC area – where liberty and freedom and constitutionality ought to be high on people’s minds, an area steeped in the history of men such as George Mason, George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, an area demographically wealthier and more educated than most metropolitan areas of the US – there’s been so little outcry.  A number of letters to the editor, for example, say things like “It might catch terrorists” or “If you have nothing to hide, why worry?”  These must be the same people who don’t mind the Patriot Act, or the loss of other civil liberties, because they have nothing to hide, but everyone else, of course, is suspect.

Can’t wait until this truly “random” searching causes even further delays during rush hour.  You see, in this area some will give away all their liberties, but raise hell if they’re delayed during their commute.

Well, I did quit riding Metro during the week some years ago, when the bureaucrats in their infinite wisdom decided to solve their embezzlement problems ( parking attendant contractors stealing money ) by making the patrons buy a $5 farecard, and raising parking rates.  On weekends, you don’t pay to park, so I rode on weekends.

Now, where did I put those cards that say “I do not consent to search.”?

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Guns in cars in employee parking lots – a gun issue?

The National Law Journal publishes this article saying employers are caught in the crossfire.  The issue, they believe, is that employees want to carry legal firearms and employers want to provide safe environments.

“They’re in the middle between an employee’s right to possess a firearm, and an obligation under to do everything they can to provide a safe workplace,” Annelli said. “That’s the crossfire.”

I think that’s malarkey.  That’s not crossfire.  That’s the misapplication of logic.  Let’s change it to gas cans — another item that can be used to cause severe damage at an employer’s workplace.  Is it a crossfire if an employee wants to carry a spare can of gas and the employer doesn’t want him to?  No.  As long as the gas is stored properly (a much more unlikely prospect than a gun being stored safely, I assert), there is no difference.

The issue is what is private property.  An employee’s vehicle does not cease to become his private property simply because it is parked on someone else’s property.  Unless the gun is embedded in the tire in such a way that it contacts the employer’s property, there is no question the gun, secured in an employee’s vehicle, is on private property of a consenting private-property owner, even if it’s parked in a company parking lot.

So long as carry of a properly secured firearm in a vehicle is legal in the state in question, I see no issue.  It seems another attempt by people to feel safe by banning additional liberties.

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