In another light, the First Amendment

Posted by Thundar (Chesapeake, VA) on

Stop these killers’ motivation, limit free speech.

What do the Virginia Tech Killings and the recent Omaha Mall murders have in common?  The killers used the media and their unfettered First Amendment rights to “become famous.”

This sort of unregulated use of the First Amendment must stop immediately!

We need reasonable regulation of the First Amendment to report only news that will make us safer.  By publishing the names of the murderers they get publicity and attention.  This is a motivation for mass killing.  This makes our life more dangerous.

We should  not want to take away First Amendment Rights.  We should support the First Amendment.  We just think that Government Regulators should approve your news stories before you publish them.  The Government Regulators will make sure that the stories will make us more, not less, safe.

These Government regulations would be for our own safety after all.  Who could be against being more safe?

You are either for the reasonable limitation of free speech or you are for mass murderers.

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