Bruce Shuttleworth’s candidacy for Congress

Just got off the phone with Bruce Shuttleworth, Democratic candidate for Congress and the only one amongst those on the ballot next Tuesday whom I have not yet eliminated from consideration.

He’s drunk too much of the koolaid from the Dems on guns, but is willing to listen, I think.  (Like – if you want “assault weapons” go in the military.  So I asked why I had to give them up after I retired, and he had no answer.)  After I challenged him on his parroted responses (“reasonable” gun control, “extended clips,” licensing, gun-show loophole myth, etc.) he offered to go shooting with me.   I didn’t ask about one gun a month, since that’s a state issue and not one he’d be expected to vote on.  Somehow I don’t think we can win him over, but I’d wager a little bit that he won’t be lockstep with the Brady Bunch.

While he hasn’t gained my vote yet, he hasn’t lost it yet either.

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An easy win

The Bradys sent me another e-mail. This time they vow to close the “gun-show loophole”  (oh, yes, … if we send them money).

Since this so-called “loophole” doesn’t exist, how long should they wait before declaring victory?

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The tool or the job

Alabama. North Carolina. Binghamton, NY. Pittsburgh. Virginia Tech.

What do they have in common? Well, we all know. The killers chose a tool to do a job. The job is deplorable, one that sane people won’t consider.

But 30 years of attempting to control the tool hasn’t worked. I know Americans collectively tend to have short memories, to plan short term, and to take a long time to learn things, but isn’t 30 years enough?

Shouldn’t we have figured out by now that it would be more intelligent to control the job than the tool? To control the job means two things — controlling the people who would do this job, and allowing its victims to have a defense.

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Senate Resolution 8

In which the Dems claim to “return the Government to the people by reviewing controversial “midnight regulations” issued in the waning days of the Bush Administration. ”

Yeah, we’ve been through this. The National Park Service extended comment period twice on firearms in national parks. They reviewed the need for an environmental statement and determined it wasn’t required.

“The People” my eye.

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