Who not to hire – Homefix

I’m looking to replace my front bow window and my entry door.

I contacted a few companies, among them one that had left a hangtag on my door recently.  I scheduled one for 5pm on Wednesday, and another for 6:30 for estimates.

The guy at 5 showed up a few minutes early.  He was very polite and professional.  While he was there,  the other called.  He started to give me a sales pitch for his company, and then asked if spouse would be here too.  When I said I didn’t know, he informed me they “do over 100 free estimates a day” and want both to be there so they don’t have to repeat.  I told him if it came to that, he didn’t have to come; I had someone else there and would see him at 6:30.

Then he called back to say he’d be late because of traffic.

Then he sent someone else.  An arrogant, high-pressure, suited asshole, who didn’t introduce himself immediately, who brushed past me as I let him in the front door, who plopped his stuff down on my dining table, and – worst of all – POPPED his juicyfruit gun the whole time he was here.

The idiot kept trying to get out of me who else I had talked to and what their estimate was.  He tried to show me that good windows cost 4x what “builders grade” cost.  He wanted to “educate” me and tell me what concerns were most important to me.  Finally, I had to inform him his company and I were “not a good fit”.

I really suspect the company simply didn’t want to do a one-window job, but trust me, with that attitude, they would never have gotten the chance.

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