Fairfax County Police department confused me

I made an on-line report recently of suspicious activity in my neighborhood.  Actually, I’m not even certain it was suspicious, but it was people at my door who were not looking for a specific person, but rather for “Korean families”.  (I didn’t bother to tell them I have a Korean family next door; I had no reason to.)

A few days later, I got an e-mail from “Laura Evans” which said 

Further information is required to complete the processing of your Internet police report (Control Number) xxxxxx.

Please call 703-246-2581

No signature block.  No title, or reference.

A reverse look-up showed the phone number to be from a Department of Public Works.  I decided the e-mail was spam and set it aside.

Later that day, I got a voicemail from “Officer Evans” stating this was my second call (no, it was my first) and to call her.  When I did, I got a recording and chose not to leave a voicemail.

Today I receive a second voicemail from Officer Evans that my report was about to be cancelled.  I called and managed to speak with her.  


It was like pulling teeth to get Officer Laura Evans to accept a report that didn’t include my date of birth or DMV customer number. The rationale she gave is that it “makes the report complete.”   I didn’t provide it, as I consider it personally identifiable information which is irrelevant to the report. It’s, frankly, not my problem whether the police department considers the report complete or not.  They do have my name, address, and phone number; isn’t that enough identification?

When she said “you are refusing to provide …” I asked her to change her wording to “I choose not to provide …” She *did* state she would complete the report and note that I chose not to provide.

I may have to FOIA this thing in 6-8 months just to see.

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