He is a hypocrite!

Got this back from Gov Kaine:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding legislation to require background checks for those who seek to purchase a firearm at gun shows in Virginia.  It is clear that this issue is important to you and I value your input.

I support 2nd Amendment rights and value the traditions that Virginians value.  I am committed to protecting that constitutional right to hunt, fish, and to bear arms.  I believe that Virginia’s laws generally strike the right balance of protecting that right, consistent with the demands of public safety.

It is not difficult for anyone, including private sellers, to contact Virginia Firearms Transaction Program for a background check.  It is an instant check that does not create a permanent record of transaction and only takes a few minutes.  This legislation will not interfere with law abiding gun owners’ ability to purchase guns.

I believe that if we are going to ensure that guns stay out of the hands of criminals, we must enforce the same law on gun show sales as we do with all retail gun sales. In an age of widespread information technology, closing the gun show loophole does not place an unreasonable burden on gun owners.  It is time to apply the existing Virginia law equally.

Timothy M. Kaine
Governor of Virginia

First, he’s no friend of mine.

Second, if we’re to apply existing law equally, we don’t require something at a gun show that we don’t require elsewhere.

Third, a record is created.  As so properly stated in comments to the last blog about this issue, use of the Form 4473 does create a permanent record.  The NICS check does not, but the form does.  Ergo, a record is created nonetheless.   He’s been hoodwinked and is perfectly willing to go along with it.

I hope he remembers what happened to Jeanmarie DevolitesDavis and Mary Sue Terry when they tried to create gun-control referendums.

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  1. Has he been “hoodwinked” or is he intentionally continuing the deceit?

  2. Well, you really can’t expect a lot more from him. He doesn’t even know the constitution. Either that or I don’t. Could someone please tell me which amendment gives you the constitutional right to hunt and fish?

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