Hillary argues against First Amendment Rights

From today’s news: 

Hillary Clinton said Saturday that the remarks made Thursday on MSNBC about her daughter Chelsea being “pimped out” by the campaign were “incredibly offensive,” and she expects “appropriate action” taken.

Clinton reacted personally to the comments while campaigning in Maine, after correspondent David Shuster apologized twice Friday on air for making the comments.

“I am a mother first and a candidate second, and I found the remarks incredibly offensive,” Clinton said. “I can take whatever comes my way, that’s part of what I signed up for as a candidate, as an office holder. But I think that there’s been a troubling pattern of comments and behavior that has to be held accountable. So I have sent a letter to the head of NBC expressing the deep offense that I took and pointing out what has been a troubling pattern of demeaning treatment and I would expect appropriate action to be taken.”

Last I heard, the First Amendment guaranteed, among other things, people are free to say what they want.  Offensive speech may be rude, arrogant, even threatening (though this wasn’t) – but what is “appropriate” action?  Firing someone for saying what he thinks?

So, will she be a mother first and president second?  Would she spend four years taking umbrage at anyone who dared criticize a family member?  Where was she when the press was reporting every mis-step of the Bush twins (who, by the way, didn’t walk in to $250K jobs after college)?  What a hypocrite.

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  1. I totally agree.

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