I suppose since he’s a conservative, I’m supposed to agree

Bob Parks wrote at Outside the Wire:

“Many of us real men out there wouldn’t let our women go to the local 7/11 after 10pm, let alone tell them it’s okay to go to a war zone (with their daughters), complete with truck bombs and sniper fire.  If that was okay with President Clinton, either he was a poor excuse for a husband or he may have hoped something might happen that would have freed him of the ol’ ball and chain.”

Despite the fact I’m logged in to WordPress, Outside the Wire won’t let me comment (“you must be logged in to WordPress to leave a comment”) .  No wonder all his columns have 0 comments.

I have a problem with any man not “letting” me go to the 7-11, or anywhere else.  It’s one thing not to want her to go, but it’s very disrespectful of her when you imply, or worse, state, you won’t LET her do something.  And you’re a “real man” if you don’t respect her decision to do or not to do something?

Clinton was a poor excuse for a husband?  Doh.  Where has Parks been for the past two decades?

But be real.  I’ve been blogging for quite some time with a category “You’re too stupid…”  This is just another instance of a politician (right, left, middle — they all do it) telling middle American they’re too stupid to understand something.

I usually read Bob Parks because, besides being a Clinton hater, he sometimes gets something right.  This time he just got it.  He blogged on a story which isn’t a story (what, Clinton a liar?) and added disrespect for a class of citizens.


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  1. I’m can’t help it if you took my commentary personally. I’ve been called many things, so it was only a matter of time before sexist pig was implied.

    Most understood what I meant about “letting” a woman go it a 7/11 late at night. I shouldn’t have to state the obvious, but I would never send a woman into a potentially perilous situation, and unfortunately going to a convenience store at night has an element of risk.

    Nothing sexist was intended. I don’t own a woman, and wouldn’t want one that would let me own her.

    Lastly, I am not a Clinton hater. Hate takes too much energy and they aren’t worth it. I do oppose them. If you want to see hate, visit a Kos or Huffington Post or Dem Underground thread where they literally pray for our deaths.


    PS. I changed my site so anyone can post, including those who haven’t the time to register.

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