Reports of Alexandria Police Chief resignation are lies

The Chief of Police of Alexandria, Virginia, was arrested last week after a traffic accident.  TWO HOURS after the accident, his Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) measurement was 0.19 – over twice the legal limit.

He announced he wouldn’t resign.  For once he didn’t lie.

News flash the next day – Baker is resigning.  Bullshit.  Both his “resignation” letter and the City spokesman announce Baker is “retiring”.

Different animal, folks.  Baker gets full benefits.

Where else but in government can one break the law, get caught, and draw a paycheck for the rest of your life?

The news is burying it – using “retirement” and “resignation” interchangeably in stories.  Alexandria’s politicans and representatives are letting it go.  The taxpayers and voters get played.

Business as usual.

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