These are NOT rules of the road!

Hugging another lane is equivalent to a turn signal.

No.  If you want to get in to my lane, use a turn signal and find an appropriate spot.   That does not equate to CREATE an appropriate spot by simply moving your vehicle.

Turning on a turn signal guarantees right-of-way.

No.  If you turn on your turn signal while you’re alongside me, I can’t see it.   Therefore, the fact that I don’t slow down and let your happy little ass have my right-of-way is not my problem.

Stopping in the middle of a roadway indicates a turn against oncoming traffic.

No.  If you are so important you can’t admit you missed a turn and find an appropriate place to turn around, at least turn on a signal.  Better yet, be a little considerate of the miles of traffic behind you, go to the next light, turn around, and approach your turn from the right lane of traffic on the same side.  This goes double if you haven’t bothered to check for several months, and in fact you have no brake lights.

All of these are more imperative if you’re driving a Fairfax County police vehicle!

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