Lessons in Civics

We of the “over-something” generation talk about the younger folks having a sense of entitlement, how things are “owed” to them; we rail about responsibility.

Then someone from our generation shows us where it came from.

Howard Dean has decided not to hold Florida Democrats responsible for their decisions.  I’m pretty sure Michigan will be next.   The Florida democratic party had to know when they flouted the national committee and held their primary “too soon” that it wouldn’t matter.  The national party stripped them of their delegates, but now “every vote must count.”  How about “every vote must count” when the voters had a choice – had all the candidates on the ballot.

Why is it only now, in hindsight, that every vote must count?  Why is it that every vote didn’t need to count when the party had a presumptive nominee and made its decision?  Why is it Florida and Michigan weren’t needed in February, but they are now?

Do-overs.  Well, that wouldn’t work.  Every vote must count unless it costs us too much to count ’em.

Well, okay, we didn’t really mean you couldn’t send delegates.  Never mind that your people didn’t have a real choice.  Never mind that we said one thing and did another.What the

Oh, wait.  It’s politics.

What the hell was I thinking?  I should have known better.

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